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Creating a truly functional work from home workspace

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Here’s a list of things you can do to create a truly functional work from home workspace.


Would you like to create a truly functional work from home workspace, but have just never got round to it?

Are you eternally balancing your laptop on your lap or camping out at the kitchen table?

The benefits of having a truly functional space to work from at home are immeasurable.

So I’m very happy to have Bianca Birgit, a fellow work from home mother, who blogs at Well Worth Living, guest posting on Mums Make Lists today.

Bianca is a bit – a lot – of a home decor expert.

She’s put together seven super useful tips for creating a truly functional work from home space so that you can really get the best out of the time you spend working from home.

Creating a Truly Functional Home-Work Space

A key part of working from home is being able to remain focussed and uninterrupted.

Ideally, you should feel like you’re in an actual office, with none of the usual distractions associated with being at home.

However, since this is your space, you can (and should) make it the absolute best place you could possibly wish to work from.

Handling the pros and cons of working from home

There are both pros and cons when working from home.

So let’s explore seven clever ways you can get the highest productivity from a workspace you’ve created inside your home.

Creating a Truly Functional Home-Work Space

1. Start with a comfortable desk

Too many work-from-homers will sit on a couch with their computer on their lap while trying to get out as much work as possible.

This may work well at first.

However, the problem is that the reclined position of your body will ultimately promote a slower pace as well as a lazier attitude towards work.

Instead, you should invest in a good desk and office chair.

It doesn’t have to be a boring old desk either.

You can style the office to suit your personality with affordable ideas like cottage-rustic to retro mid-century and even ultra-modern.

But we’ll need to know where this desk will be standing, so let’s look at choosing the right location…

2. Picking the right spot

You’ll need to be far enough away from any distractions without feeling like you’re banished to the farthest corner of the house.

The fine balance between feeling cozy without feeling confined will depend entirely on personal preference.

The best option is usually a semi-secluded nook somewhere in the living area.

If space is limited you may have to consider converting a spare bedroom.

You will have to put in some work to make it feel less like a bedroom though.

Thankfully, there are several ways in which a bedroom can make a great home office.

One example is to swap out the regular bed for a daybed.

Then you’ll have the perfect ‘dual-function’ space.

It acts as an office in the daytime, while still making a comfortable bedroom when guests stay.

(If you don’t want to spend any money, check out how to turn a regular bed into a daybed.)

Cool whiteboards or funky wall planners go a long way to establishing that ‘let’s get to work’ feeling.

Screens or room dividers also help block off a space if you have to share your office area with a lounge or family room.

3. Practical storage

Keeping your workspace free of clutter will go a long way to keeping your mind clear and focused on the tasks at hand.

Create enough storage to keep stationery, files and even cables out of the way.

With everything in its designated place, you will maximise your time by being efficient.

Have everything you need readily available.

If space is limited, consider a wall organiser for hanging stationary or other bits.

If your going for super practical, a coffee machine in the office is a nice treat and will avoid you having to leave your work zone.

A clean, stark space will allow you to inject your own personal style in the scene through selective bursts of colour.

4. Include living plants

The concept of a ‘breathing workspace’ was made popular in the East, with many modern buildings adopting the approach of incorporating living plants throughout the rooms and corridors.

We exhale carbon dioxide which is recycled by plants who converted it back into oxygen.

The ‘freshness’ of the air will make a huge difference when the day gets a little demanding and the psychological benefits of being surrounded by a touch of nature will also add to the boost.

5. Brighten up with light

Studies have shown that a lot of sunlight will leave you brighter and more alert while working.

You should find a space that allows enough sunlight to filter through.

Just be sure not to create that lazy sun-room effect where you’ll be prompted to curl up with a good book when the novelty of working-from-home has worn off a little.

Another important factor is lighting.

If you’re limited with natural light, make sure to get a good lamp or two to set the scene for high performance.

6. Keep ‘work’ hours

The benefit of working from home is that you can keep your own hours.

However, this can be a slippery slope if you’re not careful.

It’s usually best to start early and set a productive tone for the rest of the day.

A stylish clock on the wall is a subtle but classy reminder that your workspace is, in fact, a place of work.

Try to regulate your daily tasks in one-hour segments to really keep your focus and productivity levels high.

7. Make it your own

You need to love where you work.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in this space so you really should want to be there.

By capturing your personality, you’ll feel drawn to the space as it invites you in.

Even the smallest of design elements can bring you pleasure if it’s aligned with who you are.

For some, it’s a colour scheme and for others, it can be the textures of the wood, steel or glass surfaces.

There are few things more empowering than having a killer workday under your belt.

By creating a space which supports your efforts, you will build strong work habits that can be sustained in the long term.

A little planning and rearranging of the furniture goes a long way to turn that home office into a profitable and constructive zone.

A massive thank you to Bianca for sharing them with us on Mums Make Lists.

If you’ve found the tips from Bianca as useful as I have, do pop over to visit her blog: Well Worth Living

Do also check out my posts on how to be more organised as a working mum and how to reduce work from home mum stress. Oh and this one on building exercise in when you work from home.

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