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Fed up of an endless cycle of decluttering and then clutter building up again? Use my decluttering posts to make a plan to declutter your home once and for all.


We all know that a home free from needless clutter is often a happier home.

But how many times do you find yourself looking around the house and thinking that it needs decluttering again?!

Yes, me too.

I was the queen of getting my decluttering mojo on and then watching clutter build up again over time.

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last few months working out how to put a stop to the endless clutter – declutter – clutter cycle.

I’ve come a long way in a short time and it’s thanks to lots of useful decluttering tips I’ve found and tried out.

If you are in need of understanding how to declutter your home for good, take a look through my decluttering posts to find the motivation, the decluttering tips and the staying clutter-free tips that are working for me.

Good luck getting to grips with the clutter in your home.

The best declutter your home tips that actually work


I found the motivation I truly needed to win at decluttering through understanding the benefits of decluttering, what those benefits could do for me and my family.

2. putting together a decluttering plan that works

Everything starts with a plan and decluttering is no exception. Otherwise, you can get lost in your own clutter very easily and find that the job is never done.

Use the tips in this first post to put together a fast and easy decluttering plan that actually works and the tips in the second post for a full-on major declutter.

3. Understand the best things to declutter

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide what to declutter. You brought everything into your home for one reason or another, so how best to decide what can go? What needs to go?

Use the decluttering lists in these two posts to help make it clear to yourself what you can declutter from your home.

4. How to live clutter-free on a daily basis

This post has some great tips on things you can do to live a more clutter-free existence.

The tips will help you think about the storage in your home, your purchasing decisions before buying stuff for you home and stuff that needs to be kept in your home. In short, this post will change the way you live.

5. Making money from your clutter

One of the many positive things about decluttering your home is that you have the chance to make back some money by selling your clutter.

The thing is though, trying to sell all your clutter can lead you to clutter stagnation, where you pile of stuff to sell becomes clutter in itself.

So, use this post to work out what sort of clutter you can sell and make good money from. Plus what sort of clutter is just not worth selling, so you might as well donate it, give it away or recycle it.

This post will help save you time, make you money and save your sanity.

I really hope that by listing out my favourite decluttering posts with the best decluttering tips in I have helped you start on a journey to declutter your home for good.

It feels so good to live in a home that is free from needless clutter. So good luck with your decluttering journey, I really hope that this declutter is a keeper!

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