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Easy tips for drinking less

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Wine O’Clock!!

There are days after a long, long, long day of motherhood when it really is lovely to sit down … yep actually sit down! … and enjoy a glass or two of red.

Know that feeling?!

We’re not meant to admit it but a glass of wine really does take the edge off those days, when everything seems well, edgy.

I’m not talking every night.

I’m really not.

Not even every other. 

But somehow it adds up.

Particularly during December when even us mothers are meant to “relax” and “enjoy” ourselves  … whilst still juggling motherhood! Oh my …

As I was saying, it adds up. Really adds up.

The sluggish and lack of energy … and irritability … the next day just seem to accumulate.

And make everything well … even edgier.

So I’m determined this year to have as dry a January as possible.

I found it made a massive difference last year. I had so much more energy and at the end of the month, felt much less “need” for a glass or two to take the edge off even the hardest days.

To get me prepared I’ve been dusting off all the tips I’ve found have helped in the past for both going dry in January and drinking less the rest of the year.

If you’re trying to cut down, I do hope they help.

Easy Tips for a Dry January

  1. Stock up on great soft drinks that you really love
  2. If you’re going out decide in advance what soft drinks you’re going to drink
  3. Let your friends and family know that you’re cutting down, so you get their support
  4. Try & get friends and family to sign up to at least 4 free alcohol days
  5. Stock up with alternatives treats for when you’re sad,  tired, angry …
  6. Practice saying no
  7. Avoid people who won’t support your intention to give up
  8. Arrange to go out where drink not sold
  9. Write down how much money you can save by not drinking & stick it on the fridge
  10. Come up with alternative habits to mark “trigger” times – NO more “Drink O’Clock”!
  11. Come up with alternative habits to mark “trigger” days – NO  more “TGIF Blow Out”!
  12. Write down the enjoyable benefits of cutting down e.g. more energy, better skin
  13. Just take it a day at a time! 

Easy Tips for Drinking Less

  1. Always have a long soft drink before alcohol so drinking because thirsty
  2. After pouring a glass put the cork back in the bottle
  3. Take the wine bottle off the table
  4. When drinking white wine put the bottle back in the fridge after pouring
  5. For every alcoholic drink have a soft one
  6. Order small 125ml glasses of wine Drink – a large 250ml glass is a third of a bottle!
  7. Check out the strength of alcohol you’re buying & buy lowest strength you can
  8. Set yourself a weekly limit – at most half of what you typically drink
  9. Take small sips rather than knocking it back
  10. If you talk more,  you’ll drink less 🙂
  11. Don’t drink without eating
  12. Whenever you can dilute alcohol with a mixer


I hope this post gets you off to a good start if you are planning to cut back on your alcohol consumption over the coming months. Do also check out our Healthy Snacks for Tired Mums post, keeping your blood sugar levels even is also a great way to not end up craving alcohol at the end of a long day. 

And I think you might also like our Survival Tips for Busy Mums post – it’s one of our most popular. 

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Monday 6th of January 2014

This is a very motivating post as I feel I hardly drink at all now. I do like the tip about drinking non-alcoholic fluid first to make sure you are not just thirsty. Thank you for linking up with #MotivationalMonday

Julia Klimek

Monday 11th of November 2013

Good luck with this! I have a bottle of champagne in fridge right now, but it is our anniversary... LOL. HOWEVER, I drink mainly coffee. I also love a mix of about 1/3 cranberry juice with fizzy water, and a lime wedge. I order this out, or at parties - Tastes grown up, low calories... ALSO - after you've had a glass of wine - go brush your teeth - alcohol, especially wine, tastes disgusting right after you brush! LOL! Like you and some others - set a day/time limit. For example no wine after dinner, or only before dinner (if dinner is not too nice!), etc... I have friends that only drink a drink at the bar, OR with dinner. Not both. Hope this helps!


Thursday 26th of September 2013

Great tips. I agree with the soda idea. For every alcoholic beverage have a soda. My husband sometimes thinks I’m odd because we will go on our wine trips and the first thing I do is grab a soda before I go to the tasting bar (depending on how long the trip was, if I still have my large Micky D’s soda in the car I forgo this). It is actually what an older friend taught me we I turned 21. “Order a beer and a Dt. Coke, every time.”


Wednesday 25th of September 2013

Thanks for sharing these good tips at A Humble Bumble :)

Wednesday 25th of September 2013

These are some great tips. Moving the wine bottle off the table and out of sight is a good one. I try not to drink Monday - Thursday, which has helped. I find other ways to relax. I'm visiting from The 36th Avenue link party.

Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life