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Easy Tips to Quit Coffee

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Do you have a love-hate relationship with coffee?

I know I do!

I LOVE the smell, the sound of the expresso pot starting to bubble on the stove, the dark glossiness of a great roast, the rich flavour and that kick as it jolts you into action …

I HATE waking up and feeling like the walking dead until the first cup kicks in. I hate becoming wound up and irritable as I drink more and more throughout the day.

Plus I KNOW I feel so much healthier, calmer and happier if I cut right down or even better quit caffeine.

Caffeine addiction is a pain


You know that headache you have in the morning until you have your first cup?

That headache is not tiredness.

That headache is caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

They kick in after just 18 hours.

And boy can they be brutal!

Cold turkey can mean three days of searing headaches, the shakes and even vomiting … seriously it can be that bad!

Not pretty, heh?

So if you can, it make sense to quit or at least cut down gradually.

I now make a real effort to cut down thee or four times per year, simply by focusing on alternative ways of energising myself and trying as hard as I can to get a good night’s sleep.

From my repeated efforts to cut down on coffee and kick my caffeine addiction to the curb, I’ve found the easy tips below really help.

Easy Tips to Cut Down Caffeine

  1. Add decaf to your coffee and gradually increase until mostly decaf
  2. Buy a smaller cup size or make a smaller pot or cup
  3. Alternate caffeinated & decaf drinks
  4. Don’t drink any caffeine based drinks after midday
  5. To wake yourself up get outside in natural light as early as possible
  6. For a natural boost try hot water & lemon juice first thing
  7. Carry bottle of water with you at all times & drink whenever tempted
  8. Snack on fruit and other healthy high energy snacks between meals to keep energy up
  9. Walk briskly outside for at least one 20 minute spell every day
  10. Eat a low GI breakfast & lunch so you don’t have a sugar slump
  11. When you feel sluggish get up & walk around
  12. Find caffeine free alternative drinks you really like & stock up
  13. If you drink coffee when stressed, practice deep breathing exercises
  14. To get best night’s sleep you can keep gadgets out of the bedroom
  15. Improve your sleep by going to bed & getting up at the same time
  16. Calculate money you could save by not going to coffee shops – wow!
  17. If you go cold turkey expect 3 days of crippling headache & even vomiting!
  18. Expect to feel withdrawal symptoms for 2 weeks after giving up

If you’re struggling with a love-hate coffee habit that is making you anxious and irritable, I really hope these tips help. 

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Follow our tips on how to gently do a caffeine detox, cut down or cut out coffee and minimise the symptoms of getting caffeine out of your system. The benefits of getting through the headache stage will be well worth it #NewYearsResolution #resolutions #goals #health #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #detox #caffeine

Finn Felton

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

I don't see any reason why a person should stop drinking coffee. It is so delicious and fill the mind & body with energy. Besides, it has so many health benefits as well. Only if you could take coffee in a proper quantity, you would not face any bad consequences.

Regards,Kopi Luwak Seller

The Provision Room

Monday 17th of June 2013

I find when I am well nourished my body asks for less coffee and other stimulants. I linked up with a post about resetting one's nutrition to be truly well-nourished. :-)


Friday 14th of June 2013

I used to be really addicted, but now I strictly limit myself to one cup per day. If I really want more, usually decaf tea or coffee will trick my brain into thinking I've had caffeine, and I feel better. Also, drinking a ton of water throughout the day helps with both tiredness and caffeine cravings. :)

Mama Ds Dozen

Thursday 13th of June 2013

My problem: I LOVE the TASTE of a good Mocha. Hot in the winter; Cold in the summer. For me it is more about the "Feel Good Taste" than the caffeine boost.

Laurelmama of 12

Amber Heidi

Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Coffee withdrawl headaches are the worst! That's why I quit too. Still love a good cup o' joe occasionally but not every day!Heidi @