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How To Teach Kids to Read

  Learning to read is such a big milestone. It is the gateway to the life long joy of reading. But boy can teaching a child to read make us parents anxious! Most of us are completely confused about what we should be doing and when … … and get into a spin about not …

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Potty Training Too Late?

The great potty training debate has reared it’s head again.It’s popped up this time in a story about children starting school in nappies because parents … in largely deprived communities … were not parenting effectively. For all its rather scare mongering tone I do think the story raises some questions. I know of plenty of devoted, …

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50 Fun Ideas for No Prep Sensory Play

Don’t you just love sensory play? It’s magical stuff that can get a child in the grottiest of moods smiling. Stompy angry kids are calmed. Bored whingers utterly absorbed. And even very little ones are happy to give you 10 minutes space to make tea. And … a big AND … it is seriously NO prep! Of course sensory …

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