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Flying with Babies & Young Children

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Flying with Babies & Young Children  Parenting

Next month we’re off to the beach.

We’re going to Norfolk which is only about 4 hours away on the train and the sun is going to shine gloriously for the WHOLE week!

The sun will then shine all summer whilst we maraud around London’s wonderful parks and head off for day trips to the countryside!

It will NOT rain!

Hmmm … I’m not putting my money on it; sunshine is not something us Brits do well.

Most likely, it will be a bit rubbish and we will need to scoot off somewhere cheap and sunny – i.e. abroad – in September. But that means facing up to the parental torture that is flying with small children!

Coop a young child up for hours on end with hundreds of other people unwilling to entertain or be entertained by them. Mix in complete inability to get to sleep and travel sickness and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. And that’s all assuming that you didn’t lose them and your luggage at the airport.

This is my list of quick tips on how to survive the trauma …

Survival Tips for Flying with Kids

  1. Decant baby essentials e.g. creams, pain relief into small bottles 
  2. Give something to suck during take off & landing .e.g soother, sweet, cup, bottle
  3. Massage ears on take-off & landing
  4. Take loads & loads of wipes for all eventualities!  
  5. Take changes of clothes – for them & you – in hand luggage
  6. Take bin bags to stash away clothes etc after nappy or sickness disasters  
  7. Take shoes off & put away – sick & shoes being a bad combination 
  8. Keep clothes light to reduce what can be sicked on – keep warm in blanket 
  9. Check in stroller / buggy at gate  
  10. Label stroller / buggy with multiple labels
  11. Take a bag of “surprise tricks” – produce 1 new small toy every 30 minutes  
  12. Walk about at regular intervals if possible  
  13. Give baby water to sip between feeds to prevent dehydration  
  14. Take thin baby sleeping bag & put baby in when sleep time  
  15. Keep yourself hydrated – especially if breastfeeding  
  16. Take a small blanket you can use as play mat at airport lounge  
  17. Pack a wipeable coverall bib to reduce food getting on clothes
  18. Label” any child old enough to run off & get lost!  
  19. Don’t forget to apply early for passport if flying abroad 
  20. Take a breastfeeding cover to reduce distractions during feeding  
  21. Check in luggage day before if you can so not juggling kids & luggage 
  22. Get some car seat wheels – I couldn’t survive without these! They allow you to whiz around airports (and stations) with child in car seat and to take car seat on the plane. 
  23. They’re not perfect but consider a lost child monitor
  24. Order baby supplies to be delivered when you get there  
  25. See if you can hire a stroller at destination e.g. hotel  

What about you? 

What are your top tips for travelling with kids … do share them below …

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9 thoughts on “Flying with Babies & Young Children”

  1. Hey there have added My top 10 travel tips.
    We took a 2 year old and a 6 month old baby on a 5 week trip to the States where we had to out run hurricane Sandy.

  2. Great tips! I’ve had a post waiting in the wings about this for ages, but don’t know if I’ll ever get it finished. An extra tip I’d add is to wear your baby through the airport, and if possible, leave the stroller at home & borrow one at your destination. We lugged a stroller from Italy and it was a real pain through the airports.

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