Free Bag Patterns – Totes, Purses, Clutches & More

Free bag patterns - a beautiful collection of free patterns for making gorgeous totes, purses, satchels and clutches and more that are super simple to sew

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Free bag patterns - a beautiful collection of free patterns for making gorgeous totes, purses, satchels and clutches and more that are super simple to sewI haven’t sewed for ages as my machine … inherited from my grandma … had finally given up the ghost.

But I am now in proud possession of my mum’s old machine, … she has a new whizzy one … and am rairing to get started again.

I used my mum’s machine plenty in the past but bust a needle in my first project knocking up a princess costume the night before my daughter’s birthday!!

So it’s back to basics as I get used to it again.

And you can’t get much more basic than bags.

But something basic can still be gorgeous as these fab free bag patterns show. And well a girl can never have enough bags now can she?

Just click on the carousel below to see the full collection of patterns. We’ve got everything from stylish totes and easy drawstrings that are perfect for the summer and the beach, through carry everything satchels, pretty purses and super cute bags for little girls.

Most of them are incredibly simple and quick to make and can be made from fabric off-cuts you’ve already got. And as the patterns are free you really can have a gorgeous new bag without spending a pound. You can’t get better than that now can you?

Free bag patterns

If you’re a new sewer … or like me rusty … and need some help you’ll love this free online class covering sewing machine basics … I found it really useful for troubleshooting basic problems.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, do check out other collections of lovely simple to sew free patterns … there’s darling baby clothes plus all sorts of practical baby accessories and lovely summer dresses for mums and daughters.

And do let us know your faves and which you end up making – we would love to see your creations.

Beautiful Free Bag Patterns

34 thoughts on “Free Bag Patterns – Totes, Purses, Clutches & More”

  1. Cute collection of ideas! Some of these could make great bags for shopping sprees where I’m looking for food photo props at shops…usually, I end up with quite a collection of odds and ends. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great collection of bags! I don’t care much for sewing. But every once in awhile I get a wild hair and sew something (-; These bags are really pretty and colorful. Pinning in case I get that wild hair ;-D Thanks for sharing this beautiful collection. Have a great weekend!

    Linda @ Mixed Kreations

  3. Oh so beautiful! I love the sling bag, and the first one with the bird on it. I don’t sew, but I did once try to knit a messenger bag – I finished it, it looked beautiful, then I put it in the washing machine for the purposes of felting and left it there overnight… In the morning it had shrunk to the size of a handbag and was rock solid.

  4. Those are fab!!!!… I love sewing and Bags are my favourite project (sometimes there is just hundreds of pieces to make 1 whole bag!) but they so worth the time 🙂 Ive spotted my next project! thank you #PoCoLo x

  5. Alice, these are wonderful. I feel the sewing bug biting now! I am like you and the knitted bag…..but with the crocheted one. I will waft it in front of my daughter who crochets beautifully! 😉

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