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Before you go… I’ve created a ridiculously simple but powerful digital family organisation system for women who want a better way of staying on top of family admin and schedules all the stuff that family life chucks at them… and I’ve got a special offer you can grab right now…

I’m grabbing it – $9

– Retail price is $27 –

If you want to put an end to feeling like… ‘my head is going to explode because there’s too many things and too many people draining my brain bandwidth’… you are going to want this…

My organisation system is called the Family Hub and I’ve set it up on Trello, my absolutely favourite – and totally free – app for staying organised. Believe me Trello + my Family Hub is going to up your organisation game to a whole new level.

Grab the Family Hub at the laughably bargain price of just $9 (full price is currently $27) and you can have your own system set up and be on the brink of revolutionising the way you keep your family organised in no time at all.

I’m ready to dive in – $9

– Retail price is $27 –

Trello Family organisation Hub course Luci Hindmarsh Mums Make Lists

It’s All There Waiting For You…

Learn How To Quickly Master Trello

Take an easy-to-follow guided tour of Trello. Then quickly master the shortcuts, power-ups and automations that turn Trello from a basic to do list into a simple but powerful organisation system for you and your family.

Set Up A System That You Will All Actually Use!

Use my Family Hub course to set up your own system that enables everyone in your family to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

Enjoy Feeling Free From Stress And Overwhelm

Start to feel your shoulders drop and your life to feel a little easier as the Family Hub you’ve set up starts to work its magic. 

The Best Organisation System Is One You Will Actually Use!

How many times have you bought a new organisational bundle, new todo list app or started a new way or organising, only to find that nothing much changes and you’re still drowning in a sea of to dos, sticky notes and nagging reminders?

If the answer is A LOT you need to know that there’s a reason why you never seem to find a way to get organised that actually works. It’s because… 

Any system you use needs to make your life easier rather than be a pain in the butt chore.

Which is why the family hub is all about simplicity.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to simplify keeping a busy family organised.

Through trial and error I’ve found a way to distill the essentials that you need to keep your family organised into  one main Trello board, the Family Hub and one accompanying board, the Meal Planner.

The Family Hub On Trello

The Family Hub

The Family Hub is where you can coordinate and organise pretty much every aspect of family life, including household chores, schedules, meal planning and grocery shopping.


The Meal Planner

The Meal Planner is the side dish to the Family Hub main course, it is essentially a library for recipes set up to allow you to plan a week’s worth of family meals in minutes.


I Need This In My Life $9

– Retail price is $27 –

What’s In The Course

The Family Hub Trello Family Organisation System Online course curriculum

Grab it Now! $9

– Retail price is $27 –

Why Trello?

There are SO MANY apps and digital tools vying for you to use them to project manage and get organised.  Some of them are newer, shinier and more powerful than Trello, like or ClickUp. 

But OMG the learning curve on them is insane. They are just too much for what you need for organising a family. 

Then there are simpler apps and tools that are digital todo lists. But they don’t allow for easy collaboration or for doing anything more than ploughing through an endless todo list. 

The brilliance of Trello is that it is SIMPLE but POWERFUL. 

All you need is a little know-how to get up and running and before you know it Trello will be second nature. 

Trello Transformed How I Get Organised & I Can Help Make It Do The Same For You


Hello, I’m Luci Hindmarsh from Mums Make Lists. I help busy working women, who also happen to be mothers, find ways to simplify and streamline family life.

I first started using Trello a few years ago for my startup business. I started using it for organising family life when I realised that I was far more organised at work than I was at home…

…I went from using endless calendar repeat alarms and sticky notes on my iPhone to having a system that I could rely on and that I could also use to collaborate with my husband on what needed doing to keep our family life running smoothly, from who was doing the school run to what we were having for dinner and who was cooking it. 

Our daughter is now old enough to also be included in our family hub on Trello, together we can keep track of her homework schedule, her share of the household chores and all her activities….

Trello Family organisation Hub course Luci Hindmarsh Mums Make Lists

…The thing with Trello is that anyone can start using it in a very basic way and it is useful.

But the way to get a truly powerful system set up takes a little bit more effort and knowhow. That’s when Trello can really come into its own as a powerhouse organisation system. 

I know that life is hectic and time to dedicate to setting up organisation systems – however useful they may be – is in short supply. 

So, I’ve put everything I know about Trello into this course to help speed you on your way to getting set up. 

The videos are bitesize, so they are easily digestible and actionable. 

The support materials are all in PDF format that you can download and save wherever is most useful. 

Putting The Team In Family

The Family Hub is such a neat way for you to organise yourself and your family so that you can all collaborate and support each other more effectively.

It really will transform the way you get your family life organised.

The course is available on Mums Make Lists at full price if you need time to think about it, but make the most of this limited time offer by buying it now at this super discounted rate. 

Get Started Today $9

– Retail price is $27 –

Family hands Trello family organisation
Money back guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I know how valuable your time and money is. I also know that this course have everything you need to create a simple but powerful organisation system that works for you.  If you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase within 30 days I have a 100% money-back guarantee policy.