12 thoughts on “Free Girls Dress Patterns”

    1. It’s a great one to get started with Melissa and so useful for the summer. Do hope you give it a go.

  1. LOVE the retro pillowcase dress (the first one, without the sleeves) it’s so sweet! Mym Mum made all my clothes, not sure I really appreciated it though, I remember asking for “clothes with labels in” to be like my friends!! #PoCoLo

  2. My mum made loads of our clothes too as a child. Now she knits constantly for Potato and is always looking for new craft projects for him. I’m not too bad with a sewing machine, but sadly I just don’t have the free time at the moment to make anything for him.
    Love this collection of dresses xx

  3. Wow, such great ideas – I’ve got the party dress printed out and ready to go for my niece! (She’s 3, and she picked the fabric out herself, so I’m sure she will love it already!)

  4. Thank you so much for linking up with Share With Me linky! These dresses all look fantastic, I will keep this post bookmarked as I am trying to learn how to use my new sewing machine for my daughter’s dresses someday. haha

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