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Freezer Essentials

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I just need to make clear – again – in case of any doubt – that I am NOT a domestic goddess!

And no this is not false modesty with an expectation that you will immediately jump in and assure me that my house “is always spotless” – it really isn’t.

And I can’t even cover my domestic inadequacies by claims to be a great chef.  I am not bad at baking when I get some practice but basically I am bone idle about cooking and so my mission in the kitchen, as in all other areas of the house, is to achieve the most I can on the smallest possible effort.  And that means learning to love my freezer!

Having only last year moved from a Victorian flat with the tiniest kitchen that couldn’t hold more than an ice box, I am a freezer newbie, so forgive me if I am blogging the blindingly obvious but as in so many things I have all the evangelical zeal of the recent convert …

Healthy meals in minutes!  Hallelujah!!
Bulk cooking!  Amen!!
Emergency supplies!  All hail and everlasting praise for the freezer!!!

It did take me a while to get past the peas, fish fingers and ice cream but I have now discovered with the wonder that is bulk cooking that with only 30ish minutes effort I can make 6+ weeks worth of pasta and cheesy sauce with load of blended veg, (as explained in previous post, essentials in our house where the carnivore only eats hidden veg), that can then be quickly thrown into spag bol, arrabiata, chilli, lasagna etc.

It’s also brilliant for fiddly stuff that I love but which takes ages, (e.g. skinning peppers), seasonal fruit & veg which is so expensive out of season and those things that we don’t eat much of at a time, (in our house meat as littl’un is the only carnivore).

Am quite sure that other people who have been doing this for ages have got a million more great ideas – please, please share! – but in case you’re a novice like me this is my list of great things to keep in the freezer that save time and money and get you out of a fix when the meal planning has gone awry …

Freezer Essentials for Fast Food

  1. Pastry – likes being frozen & easier to do fiddly stuff without child attached to your leg
  2. Pitta bread – doesn’t last long but don’t take up space and great for snacks
  3. Wraps – same deal as pitta
  4. Bread – I so often need my emergency loaf
  5. Butter – ditto always good to have for emergencies
  6. Ice-cream or frozen yoghurt – easiest dessert ever!
  7. Fish fingers – what child doesn’t love them and I do love a fish finger sandwich!
  8. Fish fillets – can microwave or bake in foil with simple dressing in less than 15 minutes
  9. Prawns – kids may not like but fab fast supper with salad or spaghetti
  10. Berries – taste so good frozen! And some kids who don’t like fruit will eat frozen berries
  11. Seasonal fruit – pick your own or get great value in season blackberries, strawberries, rhubarb, damsons, gooseberries, plums etc
  12. Cooked apple – handy for whipping up crumbles, cobblers and pies etc
  13. Sausages – couldn’t survive without meat or veggie versions for quick fix meals
  14. Mince – cheaper to buy in bulk especially if only using small portions
  15. Chicken breasts – can be bunged together with so many things to produce meal in no time
  16. Tomato sauce – yes you can buy it but a big pot of slow cooked sauce tastes so much better and can be used for everything from spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna, arrabbiata, chilli, meat balls…
  17. Frozen peas  – does take up space but handy as a quick fix one of your five-a-day
  18. Spinach – can blend into so much stuff for secret goodness 🙂
  19. Peeled ginger – is a waste fresh as you never need to use enough at one go
  20. Garlic crushed – my pet hate is garlic fingers from fiddling around with fresh garlic
  21. Seasonal veg – all those yummy things that have a short local season and are expensive bought out of season e.g. asparagus, broad beans, fresh peas, runner beans
I do hope you found this helpful … if you are looking for more quick tips do check out our other meal planning posts.
21 things to keep in your freezer


Friday 31st of January 2014

Kale. There are many tasty ways to use super-nutritious kale, most of which work with frozen kale even if you don't thaw it in advance. I don't know about other parts of the world, but in the U.S. fresh kale is affordable all year long and always sold in a big bunch, so whatever I don't use fresh I shred and freeze in convenient portions.---'Becca