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Healthy Snacks for tired Mums

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Here’s a list of healthy snacks for tired mums to eat when they are craving a snack but don’t want to reach for sugar. These snacks are healthy, low-GI, slow burn snacks to keep busy mums going.

healthy snacks for tired mums

Healthy snacks are every tired mum’s best friend.

Whether you’re struggling with a newborn, trying to keep up with a toddler, flat out with school runs and / or juggling work with parenting…

Reaching for a healthy snack will keep you going and stop you craving sugar.

Which is important.


Because sugar is an exhausted mum’s worst enemy!

It makes you hyper for a short while and then makes you feel even more super shattered and cranky than you were previously.

The trick is to look for healthy snacks that are low GI and which keep you feeling full for longer.

Plus these kinds of healthy snack will help you top up essential nutrients that lots of mums are short on including iron, calcium and vitamins B and D.

Stock up on Healthy Snacks

I’ve been stocking up on a good range of healthy snacks that I can grab quickly out of the cupboard and the fridge.

I’ve found I feel much better if I make sure I have a healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as this means I’m less likely to grab something sugary when I’m famished.

I’m also trying to make sure I pack myself a couple of snacks when we go out so I’m less tempted to grab a coffee to keep me going as this just creates the same high and low energy swings as sugar.

If you’re looking for some ideas to keep up your energy levels and to keep your weight under control, try any of these that you love from the list below:

Healthy Snacks for Tired Mums

  • Tub of plain almonds
  • Tub of walnuts
  • Handful of sunflower seeds
  • Home made trail mix full of nuts & seeds
  • Dried apricots – they should be brown rather than bright orange which means they are full of colouring
  • An avocado – drizzled in balsamic vinegar
  • Tub of berries e.g. raspberries, blackberries
  • An apple, pear or peach
  • Half a grapefruit for a sit down snack
  • A good handful of cherries
  • 3 or 4 plums
  • Fruit salad of strawberry, kiwi & grape (not as low GI as other fruit in list but still low)
  • Oat cakes … I totally adore Nairns … failing all else, they are my go to snack
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Whole meal pitta breads
  • Home made granola or cereal bars
  • Yoghurt – full fat no sugar is better than low fat with sugar (if you’re in the UK the wonderful Yeo Valley do a low fat yoghurt with no sugar)
  • Glass of low fat milk – great if struggling to with mummy insomnia
  • Triple fruit smoothies – half low fat milk, half no sugar yoghurt plus 3 handfuls of fruit
  • Green smoothies – make one whilst they’re asleep full of spinach, chard, broccoli etc
  • Humous
  • Guacamole
  • Cottage cheese
  • Vegetable strips cut up night before for dips
  • Chia bread – the chia seed is super healthy
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Carry a water bottle – very easy to mistake thirst for hunger …
  • Roast vegetable crisps
  • Edamame beans – edamame beans freeze well & can eat raw, they are full of protein & fibre and you can also get them in snack form
  • Porridge … if you really haven’t time for a meal grab a quick bowel of porridge
  • Good quality lean red meat e.g. cold beef slices – iron stops you feeling exhausted
  • A tiny amount of very good dark chocolate – whenever possible I buy Fair Trade chocolate so that the producers earn enough to support their families themselves and grow their communities … I adore Green & Black

I really hope this list of healthy snacks has given you some tasty ideas for food to keep you going when you are feeling tired and rundown.

Feel like you’re constantly running round in ever-decreasing circles?

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I've put together a list of healthy snacks for my fellow tired mums. It's easy to reach for sugary snacks when you're tired and on the go, but clean eating is a much better way to keep yourself going. Most of the snacks on the list are super easy to make or put togetther, some simply involve opening a packet! Take a peak, stock up and enjoy feeling less tired... #HealthySnacks #momlife #healthyfood #healthyeating


Friday 17th of January 2014

I totally need this list to hand so next time I'm wandering the aisles of the local shop on the hunt for something quick to snack on I don't reach for the Mars Bars!

Tas D

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

I'm forever feeling tired. I could do with some of these snacks!

Zarouhi Zaz

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

great list - the grapefruit is also good for managing blood pressure and also - if eaten first thing in the morning - kick starts your metabolic rate for the rest of the day. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou!

Californian Mum in London

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

Really useful list, especially since I am also trying to shift a few pounds. #allaboutyou

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

Thanks so much for linking up at the #AllAboutYou Link&Pin Party, I shall be pinning this post onto Health and Fitness board as well as the #AllAboutYou Pinterest board!