Cake Mix Cheats

Take your store-bought cake mix to the next level with these easy hacks. Store-bought cake mix, we love you. You’re fast and easy, and with an extra pinch of this or smidgen of that, you can look and taste like you were homemade. We've rounded up a bunch of genius cake mix hacks for quickly making delicious puddings, cakes, cookies and desserts when you just don't have the time or energy to start from scratch ... #CakeMixCheats #Cake #Baking #StoreBoughCake #Lifehacks #LifeHacksForBusyMothers

Feeling too lazy to bake from scratch… or just not got enough time? Here’s some cake mix cheats for creating amazing cakes and baked goods using cake mix. Cake Mix Cheats My mum has never let a cake mix into her house. She’s a purist about baking. I’m not sure she ever even bought bread …

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Yummy fruit muffin ideas

Fruit muffins ... loved by kids and a perfect way to smuggle in loads of fruit they wouldn't eat otherwise

  Yummy fruit muffin ideas Fruit muffins rock! Super quick to make, they’re easy for little hands to bake as there’s no hard labour creaming butter and sugar and they freeze well. Most importantly – in our house – muffins are an amazing way to get fruit into a child who can’t stand it whole. …

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