How To Be More Organised

Simple tips on how to be more organised in your daily life. Use these simple time and life management ideas to stay calm and get more done for yourself at home, at work, with your family and children #organised #NewYearsResolution #resolutions #goals #success #successmindset #successful #lifecoach #lifegoals #declutteryourlife #declutter #simplifymylife #simplifyyourlife #overwhelmed

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Did you find that personal organisation went out the window somewhat when you became a mum?

Any delusions I had about being organised flew out the window completely. 

Life as a busy mother bombards all of us with so many things to juggle and usually not enough time to do them in. 

To  the point where you can find yourself drowning in chaos and undone tasks. 

This can of course leave you feeling super stressed. 

On. A. Daily. Basis! 

So having spent a lot of time decluttering my home over the last few months, I thought it was time to explore decluttering my life. 

I thought I’d share my learnings with you, to help you reduce your stress levels. 

My life still doesn’t run super smoothly all the time. 

There are hiccups. 

But … despite all that … I do feel more on top of things.

Much more on top of things. 

Here’s a short list of FOUR things I’ve learnt can really have a big impact on decluttering the life of a busy mother. 

Practical things you can do to be more organised. 

These tips are golden, so start applying them to your life today and see how things change. 

How To Be More Organised

1. Be Patient

I wanted everything organised instantly overnight … like magic!

Not a chance!

I’ve learnt to be patient as I change age old habits … it’s the only way to make them stick.

And that’s been easier when I’ve seen at least some quick benefits.

2. Tackle the Worst First

And the best way … I’ve found … to see quick benefits is to tackle the worst first.

That’s all those things that drive me insane daily or send me spiralling into meltdown.

Actually feeling the benefit of my efforts is the best motivation to tackle more.

3. But Only the Easy Stuff

But I now know to watch out for the monsters hiding in the chaos of my life …
… bad habits and huge piles of clutter I can’t sort out easily without creating more chaos!

And these need to be cunningly avoided until I can carve out real time to fight them.

In the meantime I keep focusing on easy-big wins that make family life smoother … and eventually the momentum of success gives me the energy to start the fight.

4. Sleep

What is she talking about, I hear you say?

What on earth has sleep got to do with organisation? A great deal, as it happens.

Like so many mums I seriously struggle to get enough sleep. Too often that’s self inflicted.

But lack of it means I can’t focus, I can’t prioritise, I’m inefficient, I’m forgetful.

And … a biggie … I can’t let go of stuff. Our brains need sleep to declutter themselves, clear stuff out, file stuff away and create the space needed for the onslaught of the next day.

I have no chance of being organised without enough sleep … and I suspect you’re the same.

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Simple tips on how to be more organised in your daily life. Use these simple time and life management ideas to stay calm and get more done for yourself at home, at work, with your family and children #organised #NewYearsResolution #resolutions #goals #success #successmindset #successful #lifecoach #lifegoals #declutteryourlife #declutter #simplifymylife #simplifyyourlife #overwhelmed

12 thoughts on “How To Be More Organised”

  1. love this, and oh so true! Sleep is a great one, and one that I need to do more of! It is so easy to become overwhelmed with so many things going on, and this is a great list to stay organized and to be healthy doing it! Stopping over from the wonderful wednesday blog hop!

    1. I find it so easy to think Cathy if I just do an extra hour or two I can get myself organized when so often I just need to go to bed!!

  2. I have just been thinking and writing about organization too. I think its because its Fall. I don’t really “spring clean.” I tend to do it in the Fall, before all the holiday stuff and at News Years, after all the holiday stuff. The holidays are killer on clutter.

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