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How to be successful: Stop focusing on goals

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Here’s the reason why it is so beneficial to stop focusing on goals and start focusing on systems to make the changes you want in your life. 

How to be successful: Stop focusing on goals

Do you long to create a life for yourself and your family that you’re totally happy with?

Do you often feel disappointed in yourself for failing to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, your kids and family? 

Do you find yourself wondering why you never quite get the success you hope for? 

Yes, I’ve been there too. 

Which is why I’m sharing some intel I read from a brilliant post on how to be successful. 

The post is about the difference between SYSTEMS and GOALS when it comes to achieving success.

It is by behaviour science expert James Clear,  over on

To sum up the post, if you focus on creating great systems, you are far more likely to make progress and be happy doing so, than if you focus on goals.

This makes perfect sense to me as a way to succeed, whatever it is you’re aiming for in your life at the moment. 

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realise that it makes great sense as a way to live your life full stop!

The power of systems

Here’s an example from my own life to illustrate how systems work better than goals. 

In autumn 2015, I vowed that I would never again feel as blimp-like as I had on the beach that summer.

My goal was to have a beach-ready body by the following summer.

I enrolled with a personal trainer – a luxury I know, but I chose to spend on that and save in other areas – and through the routine of a weekly training session, I found ways to make exercise a part of my daily life.

A couple of years on, I still manage to do so much more exercise than I did back in 2015. 

Plus I no longer need the trainer. 

Looking back I can see that the GOAL wasn’t the most important thing for making progress and achieving success.

Yes, it was the trigger, but it wasn’t the enabler.

The important thing was setting up a SYSTEM to enable me to achieve that goal.

The goal of being beach-body ready passed in summer 2016

Yet here I am a few years on and exercise is now a regular part of my daily routine.

I feel strong and healthy and I am much happier with my body.

This is a truer measure of success than how I looked on the beach a few months after I started to work out more. 

Systems rather than goals for parenting

I can also see how the methodology of focusing on systems over goals works well in parenting.

Focus less on the GOALS you have for your children, their lives and their futures. 

Instead focus on the SYSTEMS you create as a parent. 

This way you can ensure your child/ren flourish and are content on a daily basis, which takes the pressure off everyone. 

GOALS are fleeting but SYSTEMS sustain us

The moment we achieve a goal is fleeting.

We feel elated, then the moment passes. 

But set up great systems and they help us form our lives, they are the every day.

If you can make progress and feel content with the majority of the days in your life, surely that is a far greater measure of successful living than constantly striving to achieve goals?

I’ve stopped trying to figure out how to be successful and am currently enjoying being successful!

Go on, have a try… created a great video to accompany the Forget Goal Setting post… have a watch and see if it makes you want to change your ways.

I hope this post resonates with you. It’s the little tweaks to the way we think that can really help shape us and our lives. 

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This one simple inspirational tip on how to find success in my life has become a habit that I live by as a busy woman, mother and entrepreneur. There are many ideas on how to succeed, but this one is a game-changer. #NewYearsResolution #resolutions #goals #success #successmindset #successful #lifecoach #lifegoals

Wave to Mummy

Wednesday 28th of January 2015

I have heard of this idea before as well - it does make sense! Getting those habits engrained that will help you accomplish things is what makes it become second nature to you, and you naturally achieve the things you want to do, rather that you think you should achieve. Good luck with your business! #allaboutyou


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

Thank you, yes it's all very eye-opening and certainly helping the business grow!

Renee @ Mummy Tries

Tuesday 27th of January 2015

Yes yes yes! You must create good healthy lasting habits in order to achieve your goals. Obsessing about losing x amount of weight is usually counter productive. Fab post :-)


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

Thank you, glad you like the post and agree with the sentiment. It's certainly working for me!