How to Clean Floors Naturally

Clean floors naturally ... super simple tips to quick clean your floors naturally - and keep them clean! - without loads of chemicals or fancy products

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Clean floors naturally ... super simple tips to quick clean your floors naturally - and keep them clean! - without loads of chemicals or fancy products

The floors in our house are my big bug bear.

Like lots of London houses there’s no side or back entrance so everything … and I mean everything! … has to go through the house.

The kitchen in particular takes a real beating … bikes, muddy wellies and gardening tools are not a recipe for a clean floor.

It used to seem sooo much effort to clean it.

So I ignored it. And then ignored it a bit more.

And a bit more …

And I know they say, sticky floors = happy kids, but there are sticky floors and then there are sticky floors! And mine were sticky!!

Until I found 4 simple tricks that get your kitchen floor clean FAST!

AND without using loads of chemicals or expensive cleaning products.


1. Deep Clean with Vinegar

First off, give it a vaccuum.

And then mop with vinegar and hot water – you need about 1/2 a cup (120ml) to 1 gallon (3.75 litres) of water. I use this micro-fibre mop from e-Cloth which is beyond brilliant!

Most cleaners leave a residue behind which makes the floor harder to clean the next time. The vinegar gets rid of this residue so the floor is much easier to quick clean going forward.


2. Keep Clean with Micro Fibre Mop

Once you’ve got the floor clean with vinegar you don’t need  it every time.

Just mop the floor with a damp micro-fibre mop … which takes seconds.

AND with nothing else on it, the floor really does shine! A miracle!!

Even mopped only once a week, the floor stays clean.


3. Brush Up Crumbs Staight After Meals

Oh I know this is hardly rocket science, but it DOES make a difference.

It only takes 20 seconds to sweep them up but if you don’t they will get trampled throughout the house and into carpets so that you have go through all the hassle of vaccuuming them up.

If 20 seconds quick sweeping can save me from the vaccum cleaner, it’s worth it!


4. Get a Killer Door Mat

Again, not rocket science, but a really good door mat in your kitchen helps.

I think you need a bristly mat for winter when mud is the problem and a microfiber mat for summer when everyone is running in and out in bare feet and slopping water everywhere.

I do hope these tips help … if … like me! … you’re a bit rubbish at housework and want more advice do check our other easy cleaning posts …


12 thoughts on “How to Clean Floors Naturally”

  1. This is interesting, as many home owners are really looking for different ways on how to clean floors and their carpets. Some may think to just call a pro to do it for them, but of course there are also some who prefer natural ways. And these tips are just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

    Matt O

  2. Oh my gosh! Vinegar works so well in the microwave, I have no idea why I never thought to use it on the floor! It definitely needs it lol! Thanks for sharing, pinned 🙂

    Ashley @

  3. I have seen somehting about vinegar on wodd floors and was going to try it this week! Good to know that it works!

    My back door is a disaster area with snow, salt, mud, etc… I have a little (decorative) rug. You’re right – I need a good door mat. I’m going to buy one today! Thank you for your post! 🙂 Julia

  4. Vinegar is the best ( especially on wood floors ) thanks for sharing –
    I’m amazed that you don’t have a back or side door – in Canada it’s illegal not to have 2 exit points !

    1. I have just started with the vinegar on the wood floors and been so impressed … I’m just experimenting with essential oils for a smell I really like.

      We do have a back door but there’s no way out of the garden if you see what I mean and no garage, so anything you want to take from the back garden to the front garden has to go through the kitchen AND the living room! Grrr …

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