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How to find unique gifts on Etsy

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Etsy is an amazing market place for handmade, bespoke and vintage finds. But it can be overwhelming for buyers. So here’s a quick guide to how I shop Etsy to find the best gifts and things to buy. In partnership with Etsy.

How to find brilliant gifts on etsy

Etsy is fabulous for finding unique and really personal gifts for friends, family… and yourself!

It’s like one giant craft and vintage fair teeming with handmade wares and carefully sourced vintage pieces, by some of the worlds’ most brilliant makers and enthusiasts.

Plus I love that so many of the sellers offer personalisation of their products or even to create bespoke versions.

Etsy vintage and upcycled homeware sellers have saved me, not just hours, but days, of time, sourcing the homeware stuff of dreams.

In a world of shops that feel like they’re being endlessly homogenised, it’s lovely to find truly unique things to covet and love.

But there’s just so much on Etsy!

There is one BIG challenge if you are shopping Etsy.

How do you negotiate the myriad of offerings to find the things that are just right for you?

As a seasoned Etsy shopper I am here to help.

Yes, I’ve put together a list of simple tips for getting the very best out of Etsy.

Tips for finding great gifts on etsy


If the biggest challenge of Etsy is the sheer volume of stuff, then curation has to be at the heart of everything.

Which is where the Etsy hearts come into their own.

You can, in effect, curate your own Etsy shopfront using the heart ‘favourite’ icons and buttons.

All your favourites are saved in your profile or you can access them super easily by clicking the heart icon in the main navigation bar.

You can save individual products to lists and you can also save your favourite shops.

Saving a product: Click the heart on the product image and either save it generically in your favourites. Or you can do what I do and use the list field, which appears at the bottom of the screen, to either add to an existing list or to create a new list. In short, this is how you start to curate your own Etsy shop!!

Saving a shop: Click on the link to the shop to the right of the product image and then use the favourite shop button to save

Your favourites are saved in your profile. You can access them quickly, time and again, by clicking the heart in the top navigation bar.

Take a look at my Etsy favourites on my profile to get an idea – you might well find you love some of the same stores and products that I have favourited.

Etsy favourites

2. Download the app

The Etsy website is lovely on mobile or tablet, but the app is so much easier to use. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.

It makes the site so much easier to navigate, plus it does useful things like send notifications when your favourite shops add new stock and you can use Apple Pay on iOS.

3. Have a plan

This might sound ridiculously obvious. But I have a much higher success rate when I know what I’m looking for on Etsy, rather than just having a vague idea that I need to buy a gift.


Because it’s so easy to get sidetracked.

This isn’t always a bad thing if you end up with something gorgeous for yourself.

But it’s not so great if you don’t get to tick something off your to-do list.

4. search with filters

Get specific with your shopping by making use of the search filter tools.

Even something as simple as filtering by price can give you a curation of products that you wouldn’t have found without using the pricing filter.

Location is another useful filter, particularly if you have a short timeframe for delivery or don’t want to get stung by a hefty delivery charge.

Click to take a look at my search for ‘Sustainable gifts‘ or see the image below. The tabs across the top of the product search results are all sub-category filters and then there is a series of really useful filters down the left of the site.

5. Chat to the sellers

One of the biggest things to get over when you shop on Etsy is that feeling that you aren’t dealing with a big chain that will offer you free delivery and free returns.

It can be particularly nerve-wracking if you are buying something bespoke or one-off.

So, take the time to chat with the sellers before you make a purchase.

There are ‘message seller’ and ‘contact shop owner’ buttons on product and shop pages.

6. Let others curate etsy for you

Follow the Etsy blog to get the inside track on the best of Etsy.

Then start following bloggers and Instagrammers who have a similar style to you, who frequently post about their Etsy finds. You can, of course, use #Etsy on Instagram to go down a complete Etsy rabbit hole of delight!

I love and follow Alex Steadman’s The Frugality, she’s like my personal online homeware shopper without even knowing it!

Charlotte Jackman also has a fabulous blog with plenty of Etsy mentions.

Use the #Etsy hashtag on Instagram to find great Etsy finds

I really hope these simple tips help you get to get the most from shopping Etsy. I’ve also got some other Etsy posts you might find useful:

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