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Get Unplugged

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Get Unplugged – How to stop wasting time online

Do you regularly find yourself disappearing down rabbit holes on Pinterest?

Do the spare moments in your day all get swallowed up by you aimlessly scrolling your way through Instagram or Facebook?

Do the not-so-spare moments also get sucked up by your digital world… leaving you rushing around like a blue ass fly to get things done?

Do you ever find yourself having a split-personality conversation with yourself in your head that goes something like the one that I used to have with myself:

“If you get M’s supper done now you can get her into bed on time.”

“Right, switching off, ooh hang on, just need to check emails”

“Time is ticking, you’ll have to bin the idea of a nutritious supper for M if you don’t start now”

“Ok, logging off. Oh wait, must just check that I’ve scheduled that post for the right time”

“You really are cutting it fine now. She’s going to have to have beans on toast (again) at this rate”

“That’s it, done. Oh, someone’s liked my Instagram post AND left a comment, it’d be rude not to respond straight away…”

“Seriously, you have 15 minutes before her bedtime”

“What? Oh, just give her some milk and a banana, she can eat more tomorrow”

*Clearly I am exaggerating for the sake of making my point… 🙂

Do you have conversations like this with yourself, then cheekily bemoan the lack of time in the day to get stuff done,

“Where does the time go?” I’ll sigh to a friend over coffee, with a genuine air of puzzlement.

Ok, if you recognise any of these issues… you need to do a quick n dirty digital detox.

And you need to do it NOW!!!

Four Simple Things You Can Do To Digitally Detox TODAY

Here are four simple things you can do straight away to detox yourself of your digital addiction.

They’re things that I’ve recently tried and I can tell you now that they are game-changers.


1. Bedroom Ban

Keep digital devices out of the bedroom! If they’re not in there you can’t reach for them before you go to sleep and you can’t reach for them the second you open your eyes in the morning.

The bonus is you get a MUCH better quality of sleep and it’s so much EASIER to get to sleep if you stop starting at screens at least an hour before you go to bed.

2. Switch off Notifications

Switch off all activity notifications on your mobile and tablet. It totally removes the interruptions that lure you to pick up your phone when you should be working / hanging out with your kids / chatting with friends IRL.

3. Delete instagram & Facebook Apps from Mobile

Now this one is radical, but it’s a major game changer…. delete the Instagram and Facebook Apps from your phone.

It’s amazing how much less you faff around on Facebook and Instragram when you have to login to Facebook and can’t see Instagram every time you reach for your mobile.

4. Watercooler & Time Box Digital Moments

Set watercooler moments to check-in on social media, rather than constantly scrolling.

Plus set up time box moments for checking emails.

That way you have your digital nicely boxed in, unable to seep into other areas of your day…

Have a try, go on, start making the changes right now.

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4 simple tips on how to digitally detox and get unplugged from devices and social media so you have more time to get stuff done. Health and wellness can be seriously impacted by digital addiction. If you worry about how much time you waste online each day, these are 4 very simple things you can do to reclaim your time for your own and cure yourself of your digital addiction. Pin for Later! #NewYear #NewYearResolution #Detox #HealthandWellness


Thursday 4th of June 2015

I'm the worst at checking "just one more thing" before logging off. Thanks for the great tips. Now, I'm going to get off my computer!