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Kids Gardening – Growing Mint in Water

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Kids Gardening Growing Mint in WaterGrowing mint in water is definitely one of my fave kids gardening activities.

Not least because it gives super quick results and is almost impossible to get wrong!!

Plus it introduces kids to the science of how different plants reproduce and is genuinely the best way to grow mint from cuttings.

AND it involves almost no prep for a frazzled mum who’s struggling to find time to garden.

So, yes definitely a kids gardening winner!

Added to this, it’s wonderful to have mint in the garden. Fresh mint tea takes some beating and the mint is also a brilliant addition to all sorts of kids sensory play and crafts from playdough to herb crowns!

Growing Mint

All you need for this kids gardening activity is some cut mint stems from a neigbour, the store or one of those silly little supermarket mint plants that always shrivel up and die on the kitchen window sill.

Generally stems cut nearer the root will re-root quicker but encourage the children to experiment with different lengths of stem or even just a leaf.

All they need to do is shove the mint stems in a jar of water, then sit back and watch it root within days. It needs light but not too much heat.

Once rooted, you can plant it out or keep it in the jars and see how long it will keep growing. You will need to keep changing the water but if you have a couple of jars you could see what happens if you don’t.

The first rule of planting mint out is put it in pots.

I know this because I didn’t. The result was triffid like mint with rampant roots that took over a whole bed and suffocated the lavender.

Once in the pots, you need to keep the soil well watered.


Kids Gardening Growing Mint

Kids Gardening Growing Mint In Water


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Kate Williams

Tuesday 10th of March 2015

Oh what a brill idea, I had no idea you could grow mint like this! Will have to give it a try :)


Tuesday 10th of March 2015

It's a fab kitchen gardening project Kate when it's still a bit too chilly to get outside :-)