Laundry hacks – how to do less laundry

Laundry hacks for busy mums who want to do less laundry. I've put together a list of 21 laundry hacks you can use to reduce the amount of family laundry that needs washing and ironing each week. Use these simple tips to make that laundry pile disappear! These laundry hacks will have you racing through this boring homemaking chore in no time.

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This post has a list of simple laundry hacks to help you do less laundry each week. 

Family laundry is often the bane of a mother’s life.

Somehow, even if your other half splits chores with you, it often seems to be mothers who end up in charge of laundry.

It can sometimes feel like it’s taking over your life.

Even if you do have a good laundry routine.

That’s certainly how I felt.

So I did something about it.

I did some research and found a whole bunch of simple laundry hacks that helped me work out how to do less laundry.

I’ve put the best hacks in a list below.

Cherry pick the ones you like the look of.

I promise that you even if you change your household habits to incorporate just a few of these ideas, you will notice you are doing less laundry each week.

How to do less laundry

Don’t assume clothes can’t be worn again

It’s so easy to just fling stuff in the laundry basket at the end of the day.

It’s particularly easy for kids when they chuck their clothes into the laundry basket rather than hanging them up!

But school everyone in your household to really think before putting something out for the wash.


If it isn’t… hang it up or put it away.

Clean as you go

Now this one is particularly aimed at parents with younger children.

Brush and dab off marks and stains as and when they appear during the day.

At the very least you will save yourself a change of clothes.

In a bonus win you will find yourself putting the clothes away for another wearing another day.

Use a clothes brush or lint roller

Worn your clothes to work all day?

Get yourself a clothes brush and use it to give everything a quick brush down to get rid of lint and fluff.

It’s amazing how refreshed clothes can look after a quick brush down.

Spot treat small stains

Got a stain?

Spot treat small stains rather than putting the whole piece of clothing in the wash.

Wear more underwear

I don’t mean all at once.

But if you – or your family – wear a vest or t-shirt under shirts, blouses and tops, you won’t need to wash them so often.

Banish the floordrobe

Do your kids make use of a floordrobe – A.K.A dumping their clothes on the floor of their room?

My daughter has a tendency towards floordrobing – as does my husband!

So I give them regular reminders that the floordrobe is a figment of their imagination.

They are improving.

The more clothes are hung up or folded neatly after they’ve been worn, the more likely they are to be wearable again without washing.

Put an end to clothes piles

The clothes pile is one step removed from the floordrobe.

It’s a pile that keeps on growing, until often the keeper of the pile sticks the whole lot in the laundry.

Because that’s easier than putting everything away.

For them.

As with the floordrobe, get strict on clothes being put away properly after they’ve been worn.

Get tough on damp towels

Well ok, what I mean is, get tough on those in your household who leave damp towels in their wake.

Damp towels need to be put on the towel rail or airer to dry.

They should not sit getting slowly smellier and smellier on the floor.

They should not slowly dampen all the bed linen.

Get changed when you get home

Now in theory this is making you wear more clothes during the day than before.

However, there is method in the madness here.

You will care more about your smart clothes looking crisp and fresh than the clothes you lounge around in at home.

So always take off smart clothes when you get home.

Hand them up to air if need.

Then put them away.

Doing this means you’ll get at least a couple more wears out of them before they need to be laundered.


  • Half make beds when you get up so they are tidy but still have a chance to air
  • Keep sports kit separate from other wear again clothes so no chance of muddling up
  • Hang clothes up straight from drier, airer or line so don’t have to be ironed – this will get rid of the “oh so depressing” basket of supposedly clean washing that never gets ironed
  • Hanging clothes in a steamy bathroom will un-crumple them & help remove marks
  • Hang clothes over a hot vinegar bath to remove smells

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12 thoughts on “Laundry hacks – how to do less laundry”

  1. Not washing things that can be worn again is a great tip to doing less laundry! I added my favorite laundry detergent to your list. I’m stopping by from Whatever Goes Wednesday (my posts are #7 Painting Cabinets and 13 Living Room Makeover) Have a wonderful day!

  2. So many great tips! Thanks for the list and the other links. I have three young boys, and I feel like I’m always doing laundry. Can’t wait to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great laundry tips at my weekly link up at Crystal & Co. I just shared with my facebook group. There has to be at least one in that list that everyone can benefit from!

  4. I just realised today that if we lived in Canada we’d have our week’s washing done by lunch, but here in Northern Ireland it takes me 2 days. The washer is 1.5hrs, then we have to dry over the radiators…drives me crazy as it takes ages to dry with the humidity. Our children know to reuse their clothes as often as they can, and I’ve gone from fresh towels daily to one/wk most of the time (hand-towels more frequently). Our famiy of 4 has 6 loads/wk, with bedding and towels, but it’s still too much for me! Thanks for your tips!

    1. The last few weeks have driven me insane as there’s been no wind! Stuff that has been out on the line half the day just isn’t dry. I am doing a post next week on getting stuff dry in the winter without a drier so do pop back next week 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the great tips. I was skimming through the list at “I heart nap time” and found your post on her link party. I’ve been doing the laundry for our family since my wife was pregnant with our first child. There are some great tips in your post and I really like the tip about not laying clothes on the end of the bed, or in our case the chest at the end of the bed. Do you have any good tips for getting clothes put away? We transitioned to using a basket for each family member so that things stay a bit more organized, but my need to get all the laundry done before we put it away leads to some full baskets sometimes. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I blog over at

  6. this is great – hubby and I reuse our towels a few times, after all – we ARE clean when we use them! and we reuse clothes too, don’t really like doing laundry although I love to have clean clothes/linens lol! came over from Iheartnaptime link party – would be great if you visited me back *wink*

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