Lose Weight Post-Pregnancy WITHOUT Dieting …

How to lose baby weight post pregnancy through healthy eating instead of dieting. We've put together some simple tips on losing post-pregnancy baby weight, even when it's stuck around for a few years. #LoseWeight #healthyeating #healthyeatingtips #postpregnancy #NewMom #MomLife #MumLife #NewMum

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I need to lose weight! 

There I said it.

I never thought I would, as pre-pregnancy I was one of those annoying people who could eat what they like and not put on weight.

But now, I’m several dress sizes larger, a bra size I never knew existed, a body shape I don’t recognise as my own and am just carrying too much weight for my height.

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And that’s … ermmm … 3 and a half years after giving birth!

How on earth did that happen?

Well like loads of mums I put on weight during pregnancy. Most of this was from polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid), but it left me a very strange shape and looking back, I think really left me out of touch with my body.

Then despite trying to eat healthily the sheer exhaustion of the first months and going back to work took their toll. I learnt to keep going on starchy white carbs and sugar!

And then you’re trying to encourage a toddler to eat.

And you eat what they’re eating. And what they haven’t eaten because it just seems wrong … how crazy are we? … to waste it!

And you want to do baking with them, because it’s fun and you want them to learn how to cook and they really want more than anything to make fairy cakes. Again.

And then there’s the little things like jam & the odd biscuit that they can eat because they run around non-stop … except of course when you’re trying to get somewhere quick … but you really can’t …

And then you really didn’t get puddings sorted today this week this month and you’re all having ice cream.


And suddenly three and a half years later my clothes don’t fit. And they’re the ones I bought to replace the previous pre-pregnancy lot that didn’t fit. And, and, and …

… I need to lose weight!

But … and it’s a big but … I believe passionately “diets” are a bad thing!

For so many of us, they create a dangerous love-hate relationship with food and our bodies that encourages yo yo diets and binging and worse.

I really believe food should be enjoyed and that the true “secret”to weight loss is to plan meals around food you love that is also healthy and to sit down with your family and really savour this food.

And then of course just to be more mobile.

Which doesn’t mean going to the gym – which I hate, hate, hate! – but walking as much as possible and focusing on exercise we actually enjoy.

And finally, I am convinced we all need to relax more.

We’re all buzzing around on adrenalin which makes us crave sugar and then leaves us wiped out and craving more sugar to get going again.

So I’ve set myself a target and I am going to try and reach it by just enjoying healthy food, being more mobile and relaxing properly.

And the target is that I will be able to fit into a beautiful blue 1950s dress I inherited from my great aunt. Pre-pregnancy it was far too big. Right now I can’t do the zip up. At all!

So I am not trying to starve myself back to my pre-pregnancy weight just lose enough weight to have a healthy BMI and feel comfortable in my body. Which for me I think will be about 5kg.

To help me on my way, I’ve made a list … of course 🙂 … of healthy weight loss tips. None of them are earth shattering just the common sense stuff I need to remind myself of.

Tips to Lose Weight Post-Pregnancy

  1. Eat a good “slow release” breakfast as early as possible e.g. porridge
  2. Don’t skip meals – world won’t come to an end if baby cries for 5 minutes while you eat
  3. Drink loads of water
  4. Walk for 20 minutes AM + PM to help banish the blues that make you crave sugar
  5. Walk rather than drive whenever you can – to the shops, on the school run, to work etc
  6. Sit down & relax when you eat to reduce adrenalin which causes sugar craving
  7. Stock up on fruit & veg you love for snacks
  8. Stock up on low GI healthy snacks that you really like e.g. oat cakes
  9. Oats are great for keeping your energy levels up – also great for breastfeeding
  10. Eat wholemeal bread
  11. Plan meals so you don’t just throw something unhealthy together
  12. Eat plenty of fibre but keep an eye on pulses in early months as can cause colic
  13. DO NOT eat children’s left overs – a little bit of waste is not the end of the world!
  14. Avoid diet sodas – many contain aspartame which has side effects
  15. If you love sodas make your own bottles of pure juice & fizzy water
  16. Keep a small supply of good chocolate & enjoy a very small amount every day
  17. Banish all other biscuits & chocolate from the house
  18. Organise 20 minutes me-time every day & do some exercise you love
  19. Bake muffins & cookies for the kids with yummy low GI spelt flour
  20. Fill your freezer with healthy ingredients so you can cook healthily quickly
  21. Grill rather than fry food
  22. Find a tasty alternative to all those calorific “little” extras that sneak in
  23. Some “low fat” brands are full of sugar & salt – better to enjoy a little good quality dairy
  24. Plan & freeze lots of fruit rich puddings for your kids so it’s not ice cream every day
  25. Eat slowly & really digest so stomach has time to know it’s full

If like me you feel like you lost touch with your body post-pregnancy but absolutely don’t believe in faddy diets, I do hope these tips help … I’d love to hear your tips and how you get on … do share …

And if you’re looking for more practical health tips for mums juggling too much do check out our other Healthy and Wellbeing posts … 

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How to lose baby weight post pregnancy through healthy eating instead of dieting. We've put together some simple tips on losing post-pregnancy baby weight, even when it's stuck around for a few years. #LoseWeight #healthyeating #healthyeatingtips #postpregnancy #NewMom #MomLife #MumLife #NewMum

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18 thoughts on “Lose Weight Post-Pregnancy WITHOUT Dieting …”

  1. It’s articles like this that should push people to start leading a healthy life style by eating right and following a good fitness program! I followed a book (Yes a book!) that helped me turn to a healthy life style.

    Honestly people should give it a shot before going to pills / medicine. Can’t find a
    review anywhere on it but here http://www.moltenreviews.com it’s called The Weight Loss Formula

    It’s a decent book and should really be looked into, there some great tips on there
    too for leading a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Hi Ryan

      Thanks very much for the comment. Looks like an interesting book. I am trying to keep the tips in the list as self-contained tips in their own right rather than just promotion for the links. I’ve taken your link down for the moment – very happy for you to re-add with a specific tip. Thanks for your understanding, Alice

  2. I wish I had a weight loss link to share, but I’ve been in a body I don’t recognize since having my first baby 4 1/2 years ago. Now, two more babies later, I have baby, toddler, and preschooler weight to lose. It feels overwhelming! Time to check out those links and get some inspiration! Thanks for hosting.

    Emily @ myloveforwords.com

    1. It really is strange being in a body you just don’t know as your own isn’t it – I’ve been running for the last two weeks and doing some really basic exercises and it’s been nice just to feel parts of my body that I had forgotten existed under the sag 🙂 Alice x

    2. I’ve had 3 children & after my 3rd pregnancy I was just so uncomfortable in my body.. My stretch marks & loose skin just wouldn’t go away no matter how much weight I lost through weight watchers & I was very depressed. A couple months ago I tried those new It works wraps & was shocked how well they worked my stomach looks completely different! I recently decided to become a distributor so I can get the discount 🙂 U can check out all their products @ adavison.myitworks.com they have carb fighters pills & even greens for your water. I swear by them they saved my body!

  3. Awesome post! I totally agree with you, dieting is a failure waiting to happen. Just making healthier choices is easier anyway! A huge one for me is late night snacking. I made a goal (which I have kept!) to brush my teeth and be done eating after dinner. I was hungry the first few nights, but now I can easily go from 6:30p to 8:00a without feeling hungry at all, and it has really helped me maintain my weight, even on weeks where I don’t get to exercise much.

  4. About finishing children’s leftovers: At a party I was chatting with a father of 5 children under 12 who had served himself a strangely small portion. I thought he just wasn’t very hungry. Then just as he had finished his food, one of his kids came to him saying, “Daddy, do you want the rest?” and shortly he had 3 other plates of leftovers, all of which he finished. He explained that their family eats mostly organic food on a tight budget, so they must avoid waste, so the kids are taught never to throw away food without offering it to a parent. I thought this was clever and since then have served myself a bit less than I expect will fill me up when I am eating with my child–I only have one, and he’s a good eater, but he often passes me a few extra bites. If not, maybe I’ll find that the smaller portion was enough for me anyway!

  5. Thank you for the inspiration – I think I shall go for a walk before I walk for the school run this afternoon – and do that every day and just have a walk after I’ve dropped them off too (actually did today as I had to go to the post office). Thank you for linking on #MotivationalMonday

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