Losing Baby Teeth – The Lowdown!

Losing baby teeth - everything you need to know

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My daughter, M, lost her bottom front baby teeth just before she turned five.

Way early!

To add to the craziness of how early it was… she also had what’s known as paediatric shark teeth for a couple of weeks…

Yip shark teeth… baby teeth still in place, but new adult teeth visible behind.

There is a benefit to shark teeth though, because within days of the bottom front baby teeth falling out, the new adult teeth had taken their place, so she didn’t have to deal with a big gap for ages.

My husband shed a tear when M first announced her first tooth was wobbly, I went into a nostalgic daze, remembering when the baby teeth had first appeared.

Farewell baby teeth… it’s been emotional.

As M’s first baby tooth started to wobble so early, we were totally caught unawares. So I’ve done a little roundup of great things to know about saying goodbye to baby teeth and hello to adult teeth…

Goodbye Baby Teeth – Hello Adult Teeth!

What age to kids start to lose their baby teeth?

Most children have a full set of baby teeth (sometimes called ‘Milk’ teeth) by the time they’re three years old. On average, when they reach five or six years old, the baby teeth will start to wobble and fall out, to make way for adult teeth.

However, as we discovered, it’s perfectly normal if a child’s teeth start to wobble and fall out as early as four. It’s also normal for a child to be as old as seven. As long as there’s no tooth decay or tooth trauma from a knock, it’s all good.

If your child hasn’t lost any baby teeth by the age of seven it is worth checking with your dentist.

What causes baby teeth to fall out?

The baby teeth start to wobble as the adult teeth grow up.

What order to they fall out in?

It tends to be first in, first out… this means it’s usually the lower central teeth first, followed by the top central two.

Do wobbly teeth hurt?

They don’t tend to. Though a child may experience pain when their new adult molars appear around age six.

What do you do once a tooth starts to wobble?

Encourage your child to gently wiggle the tooth with their tongue or with clean fingers, but ensure they don’t try and pull it out. That will hurt and could lead to infection.

Ensure your child continues to brush their teeth – brushing may even help the tooth to come out. Ensure they are careful when eating, give encouragement if they’re worried about eating.

There’s two rows of teeth!

As with M’s experience, this is called Paediatric Shark Teeth… the new teeth should push out the baby teeth within a few weeks.

Does it matter if they swallow a tooth?

No, it’s totally harmless – and they’re very small!

But the new teeth are SO big!

Don’t worry, your child will continue to grow, but their teeth won’t! So time everything will balance out.

And of course, with the first wobble of the first baby tooth… thoughts turn to the Tooth Fairy!

Dental hygiene for the new adult teeth

The adult teeth may be new, but they’re here to stay. This is it, no more new teeth. So it’s more important than ever to ensure your child has a good dental hygiene routine and sees the dentist on a regular basis.

Losing baby teeth - everything you need to know


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2 thoughts on “Losing Baby Teeth – The Lowdown!”

  1. My son is 4-1/2 and we still have our baby teeth so we are still waiting for the day. Me on the other hand has a teeth somewhere inside my mouth that needs to go out but wont go out so my teeth looks weird. I havent seen a dentist here about it yet but I think I need to soon.

    I am so scared when this time would come. Adult teeth! No more after so we need to be careful! #pocolo

  2. Poor Grace lost her first baby tooth just before her third birthday when another child fell on her face at nursery. It was one of her front teeth and it took forever to come through! She was also one of the first in our post natal group to get her teeth! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

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