Mother Your Business

Already a mother who works on her own online business from home?

Or do you want to change career path and start an online business?

Mother Your Business is a new section of Mums Make Lists that has a growing list of posts covering everything from starting your own money making blog or online business to how to manage your time and focus when working from home.

I’ve worked from home for more than five years.

I do consultancy, I run Mums Make Lists and I’ve launched and grown a digital startup.

There are plenty of things I’ve learned along the way.

Plus there’s plenty more I am learning all the time.

So, I want to share with you everything I have found useful in helping me find a way to earn money running an online business from home.

There’s no denying it’s a juggle, but the benefit of being in charge of what I do and when I do it far outweighs any downsides.

Dive into the posts below… there’s plenty more in the pipeline.

Mother Your Business

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