Natural Cure for Cradle Cap

Cradle cap - a simple natural cure for cradle cap that really works

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As a baby and toddler my daughter had recurrent bouts of  cradle cap.

We tried a whole bunch of different products … none of which I have to say were great.

And so as always I scoured around for tips and made myself a list of everything I could find.

But when the cradle cap came back recently I knew we needed just two things from the list.

A little olive oil which I massaged gently into her scalp and left for half an hour.

And a fine toothed nit comb (UK) … yep a little old bog standard nit comb!

It’s like magic, softened by the olive oil, the cradle cap comes away on the comb instantly. No hassle and no discomfort.

We washed her hair really well afterwards with two shampoos and needed to wash it again mid week as the olive oil had made her hair just a little bit greasy. But the cradle cap was all gone.

And my daughter thought the olive oil was fab and terribly grown up because mummy gave her hair a hot olive oil treatment at the same time.

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Cradle cap - a simple natural cure for cradle cap that really works

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6 thoughts on “Natural Cure for Cradle Cap”

  1. Olive oil has always been my go-to cure too. You can also use a stiff toothbrush if there are only small patches and you don’t want to use/don’t have a nit comb. #PoCoLo

  2. That olive oil works beautifully, so does coconut oil. I had to do this a while ago for my 11 year old. It would seem that once they start showering on their own, if they aren’t shampooing vigorously enough, the cradle cap can make a comeback!

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