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4 Simple kitchen organisation hacks

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Here are four super simple kitchen organisation hacks to help you keep your kitchen organised and free of clutter. 

4 Simple kitchen organisation hacks

It’s so easy for kitchen organisation to fall apart. 

But luckily I’ve got four simple hacks to get you and your kitchen right back on track. 

But first, let’s set the scene: 

It is very easy for the kitchen to get out of control when you’re juggling 101 different roles.

Anyone else familiar with this scenario?

It’s evening.

You’re tired.

You’ve got to get a meal on the table quickly, but before you can even start to cook you’ve got to deal with kitchen chaos?

AND then you go to the fridge.

Only to discover the essential ingredients you were sure were hiding at the back have mysteriously vanished or gone off?!

cleaning routine and a grocery list will help.


If you’re struggling with a routine AND really haven’t the time to totally reorganise your kitchen, here are four super quick tips that will help you curb your kitchen chaos.

These four tips are all high on my list of ridiculously simple things that…

I promise you…

save enormous amounts of time and stress!!

4 Simple kitchen organisation hacks

1. Get extra containers for your fridge

Last year I got extra containers for my fridge so similar stuff could be stored together and lifted out easily when needed.

I can’t believe the difference!!!

No more rooting out for what you need, knocking stuff onto the floor whilst you’re at it!

No more nasty spills you’ve no time to clean!

No more food lurking at the back of the fridge going off!

Just lift out the container … take what you need and put it back.


And as you can get containers in all sorts of shapes you can cram more in 🙂


2. Run dishwasher last thing, empty it first thing

Even when my whole cleaning routine goes out of the window, I do this!

It means anything mucky can go straight in throughout the day.

And no more cups, plates & pans lying around on the table, work tops, stove and sink means I can always get straight to work.


3. Clutter buster baskets

In an ideal world everything belongs somewhere and always get put back there. 

Hmmm … my family seem to think an awful lot of stuff “belongs” on the kitchen work tops, table & floor!!!

Sound familiar?

Once a week … ish 😉 …

I blitz everything back to where it belongs.

But throughout the day I just dump anything left around in my two “clutter buster baskets” … one for big stuff and one small one for pens, phones, keys, glasses, tickets, gloves etc.

And then if anyone comes asking they know where to look!

At the moment I just use two wicker baskets I had anyway.

But if your family are as messy as mine and you’re short on floor space, a laundry basket would also work well for the big stuff.


4. Microfibre cloths

I know, I know, I am always rabbiting on about microfibre cloths.

But they make an huge difference because they clean brilliantly quickly without having to use liquid cleaning products. 

Which means no more rooting around for cleaning spray whenever you need to wipe up.

I absolutely love e-Cloths which have worked brilliantly for me.

If you haven’t discovered them, I really do recommend you give them a go.

I’ve even convinced my mum 🙂

So there you go. Four super simple, easy to implement ways to get your kitchen organised and curb kitchen chaos. 

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Organize kitchen - Four super simple tips and hacks that help you keep your kitchen organized. #KitchenOrganization #kitchen #Organisation #Organization #OrganizationTips #OrganizationIdeas
Organize kitchen - Four super simple tips and hacks that help you keep your kitchen organized. #KitchenOrganization #kitchen #Organisation #Organization #OrganizationTips #OrganizationIdeas

The Tumbleweed Contessa

Thursday 23rd of January 2014

These are all great ideas. I even do some of these ideas in my kitchen already. Thanks for linking to What'd You Do This Weekend.

Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa