Packing Check-list

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Another weekend away, with nothing forgotten or left behind.  Whoop, whoop!

Now this may not seem cause for great celebration but with my record of packing and travel disasters – house keys left in Beijing, all my luggage lost in Hungary, arriving a day early – it really is a major achievement.

And I have to say it is my packing check-list that I wrote last year that has done me proud.  The only thing is that it is far too long and unwieldy.

So I’ve condensed it down into this single page packing check-list that can be easily downloaded, edited and printed off.

There’s over a hundred items on the list – far too many to have them whirring around in your head –  but they’re divided into sections so it’s very easy to ignore the irrelevant ones.

Is there anything that you would add?



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6 thoughts on “Packing Check-list”

  1. This is a timely post for me as I just started my packing list for a weekend away – I once went away for 2 weeks without putting a single pair of trousers for me or my kids in the suitcase, (we had to do an emergency clothes shop!). I’ve always made lists since then.

    Will have a look at your list to see if I’ve missed anything 🙂


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