Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Pinterest tips for bloggers

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Pinterest has done well for me

It delivers the vast majority of my 100k+ monthly page views month in, month out.

So what on earth am I doing wrong?

Well the truth is I stalled.

My blog numbers started to plateau … and my Pinterest followers were just chuntering along … SLOWLY! …

Sound familiar?

And the truth hit me when a fab fellow blogger took one of my posts and made it fly … she delivered me tens of thousands more page views than I got from my own pinning, EVEN though she didn’t have loads more followers!

Now I’ve done lots of agonizing recently about my content … I feel I’ve lost my “voice” doing too many different things … but this story rammed home that too often I get my content right BUT Pinterest just wrong, wrong, wrong!!


Basic Pinterest Tips That DO Work …

That was a hard message to take because I thought I got Pinterest.

And yes I had got these basics … which are great rules to get started with …

  1. Create great images with read-me titles – (if you’re not already using PicMonkey, you really, really, really must, it’s fab!!)
  2. Portrait not landscape
  3. Pin great images …
  4. Pin little and often
  5. Group boards rock


How I Got Pinterest Wrong

So what was I getting wrong? Well, after ferriting around for insights … on Pinterest 😉 … quite a bit, but mostly …

  1. Pinning too many OK images too much of the time … it’s easily done for all sorts of reasons but I need to pin seriously great images ALL of the time …
  2. Not measuring impact of pins … I focus on how many times my own posts are pinned, but I also need to monitor how much my other pins are repinned  … if they’re just not, I’m … eek! … wasting my time …
  3. Not pinning from source … if I pin something and it flies, I want people to see me as the original pinner … it’s a great way to get more followers …
  4. Only pinning my own pins to group boards … group boards aren’t just a way to get my posts pinned … they’re a way to be seen as a great pinner and get followed …
  5. Waiting for group board invites … big group boards give massive exposure but they aren’t going to come looking for me, I need to get out there and earn myself an invite …
  6. Not optimizing descriptions for search … make sure boards + posts have great descriptions with key words so they come up in Pinterest AND Google search …
  7. Completely failing to exploit posts that go viral … if posts go even a little bit viral, I need to polish them to make sure I convert one off visitors into regular readers … e.g. showcasing related posts, asking for follows, signing them up for an e-mail list ..
  8. Ignoring people who pin me … if someone gets one of my posts moving, remember to say thank you, follow them back on Pinterest + other social media, pin some of their great posts … it’s all part of Pinterest karma and just makes it a nicer place to be 🙂

Hmmm … it seems like an awful lot to be worrying about … but do you know what? In just a few days it has made pinning fun again, because I’m …

  • Sharing really great content that truly interests me
  • Actually engaging with wonderful like minded people 

… and in the end that has to be what blogging is all about …

Inspiring Pinterest Tips from Other Bloggers

Now obviously, in trying to get my head round how much I was getting Pinterest wrong, I made a list … what else is this girl gonna do 😉 … but I thought you would love to read for yourselves these brilliant posts that are full of great Pinterest tips and got me thinking …

If you’ve been lazy, lazy, lazy like me about verifying your blog on Pinterest, do it … it took me 2 minutes! … and unlock the power of Pinterest analytics to see what is actually being pinned and traffic it is generating … Long Distance Loving

Pinterest for Bloggers … Poofy Cheeks … lots of tips many of which are familiar but useful reminders about optimizing board descriptions for SEO and really working posts that have gone even a little bit viral to make sure you turn those one off visitors into regular readers …

Another set of great tips including great pointers on using group boards and the importance of being the original pinner … Wine and Glue

The importance of comments and engagement on Pinterest … Living Locurto

Great ways to connect with customers on Pinterest … Biz Coach Dawn … this post is really targeted at businesses and I wouldn’t follow it word for word but has some interesting ideas that make sense for blogs on how to engage with people who’ve pinned you and turn them into loyal readers …

A simple “get more followers” technique that has worked for Hair Spray and High Heels …

Tips that you will have heard before from SITS Girls … but has some great examples of fantastic original boards which I found inspiring … a real clarion call to pin with an authentic “voice”

Not just great images but images that tell a story and evoke emotion from … Melissa Taylor on Pinterest Savvy

Use pin descriptions to share your “voice” …. Melissa Taylor .. again … on Pinterest Savvy

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23 thoughts on “Pinterest Tips for Bloggers”

  1. Pinned! I love Pinterest , it was my secret addiction before I started blogging. I’m going to follow each and every one of your tips to try and improve my pinning and see if I can improve my followers too. I want to hit 1000 by the year end and I’m nearly half way there.

  2. Thank you so much for this helpful post. I am brand new to blogging and I have no idea how to use pinterest. I just followed your board – thanks so much! 🙂

  3. OK Alice…you’ve got me. I totally need to learn this. I, too, get much traffic from Pinterest but I’ve merely been flittering with it. Now that I have read the opening of your post (this one is getting PINNED and set to open on my desktop tilll I can really digest it all) I know I can’t got through and click onto all these great posts and pin them in the next half-hour! LOL. I’m going to have to pace it out. Right? OK….I predict that this post will be most viewed on today’s Wonderful Wednesday blog hop….just a guess but we are all bloggers and we NEED to KNOW this stuff. (I am sadly ignorant about group boards. Got to learn them ASAP!)

    Thanks so much for sharing this wealth of wisdom. ♥
    Ducks ‘n a Row

  4. Thanks! I just found you from Wonderful Wednesday Blog hop, added 5 of my posts to your linky, featured you on Creative K Kids facebook page, and now I’m pinning this to my group blogging board!

  5. OMG LOTS of AMAZING info here!!! I knew I had to be doing something wrong with Pinterest!! Can I join your Blogging Board? Please and Thank You
    I am excited to work with Pinterest again.
    www {dot} confessionsoftheperfectmom {dot} com

  6. I need to keep learning about Pinterest, and other social media being a newbie! Thanks for teaching me some more information :))

    Hope you have a great day!

  7. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m still not doing as well on Pinterest as I’d like – I try to make really catchy images, but it’s harder when you don’t have an “image friendly” niche – I blog more about blogging and social marketing, so my images really aren’t as attractive as someone who might post a lovely fruit dessert! But I do my best to create original images that are colorful and create curiosity about my post.

  8. Wow! So much information about Pinterest! I just use it to pin what I like to pin! Never thought to use it to grow my blog. I never even pin from my blog. Seems self serving :^( Thanks for sharing! patsy

  9. These are great tips! Pinterest is definitely a great way to gain traffic to our blogs, and I’m always looking for ways to tweak and improve my presence on Pinterest. I’d be thrilled if you’d link up at this week’s Off the Hook!

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