Tips, useful information and shopping guides for every stage of pregnancy and birth, from the first trimester through to bringing your newborn into the world. 

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GIVE A FIRST TRIMESTER CARE PACKAGE TO SHOW YOU… CARE! Putting together a first trimester care package for someone who has just found out they are pregnant is a lovely way of supporting them in the early weeks of their pregnancy. As a mom who has been through pregnancy, I’ve looked back to the early

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WHAT DO YOU NEED AFTER GIVING BIRTH? You need a postpartum care kit, items for your hospital bag and at home, what do I need after giving birth? What do I need postpartum? What do you need postpartum? Postpartum recovery essentials


As a first-time mom-to-be, I put so much thought into what my newborn would need that I was unprepared for what I would need after giving birth. Ouch!!! Big mistake! Huge!! So, what do you need after giving birth? Every new mom needs a postpartum care kit, items for their hospital bag and stuff to

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Creating your birth plan doesn't mean your birth will go to plan, but it does get you prepared for the experience of giving birth. Using our checklist of ideas, you can cover off every aspect of your birth experience, from natural birth to C-section, what to put in your hospital bag and the period after you've given birth. This way you can go into labour prepared and understanding every aspect of what giving birth can entail, which helps you feel more in control through childbirth. #BirthPlan

Step By Step Guide to Writing a Birth Plan

Here’s my step-by-step guide to writing a birth plan, including a checklist of all the different things to consider when you are putting your birth plan together. IS IT WORTH WRITING A BIRTH PLAN? Should you write a birth plan? No birth goes as perfectly planned. And no birth is perfect. You can’t predict or

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Polyhydramnios - advice on how to cope with polyhydramnios in pregnancy from a mum who went through it

Coping with Polyhydramnios

This is a guest-post about polyhydramnios by Alice Thompson who publishes at “Oh my gosh, you’re enormous!”.  I wasn’t even 8 months pregnant when my shocked friend shouted out this choice greeting, but I was already carrying an extra 25kg (55lbs) on top of my pre-pregnancy 55kg (120Ibs).   That’s a LOT of extra weight

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Morning sickness can make the first trimester pregnancy - and sometimes all the early months - truly miserable. Luckily there are loads of natural remedies and cures for morning sickness that help ... certain foods that help, nausea pops, essential oils... here is a roundup of 30 natural remedies to try to help aleviate your morning sickness symptoms #morningsickness #pregnancy #firsttrimester

30 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Here is a list of 30 natural remedies for morning sickness that you can take during the early weeks of your pregnancy to help stop you feeling nauseous. 30 NATURAL REMEDIES FOR MORNING SICKNESS You’re deliriously happy and unbelievably excited having received the best news of your life. You’re pregnant – hurrah!! But you feel

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