Smear Free Dishes

Clean dishwasher ... how to clean your dishwasher and make sure it actually cleans the dishes

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The bit of my the housework I am most religious about is the dishwasher.

It has to go on straight after supper and be emptied before breakfast else complete chaos reigns …

… dishes pile up in the sink and on the sides and the table ….

…. and no one is sure any longer if the stuff in the dishwasher is clean or dirty or both …

… aaaarrrrrgggh!

And then when the dishes come out they are all smeary and  because the dishwasher is gunged up!

But if you can just get yourself to put it on every night and empty it every morning … if you do nothing else do this! … and follow these super simple quick tips you can have smear free dishes and a beautifully organised … OK quite organised kitchen.


Smear Free Dishes

  1. ALWAYS run dishwasher in evening & empty before bed or first thing
  2. Run a full load as more efficient & effective
  3. Face dirty side of dishes towards centre  
  4. Put cutlery in handles down
  5. Put pans in mucky side down
  6. Put big stuff in back and bottom 
  7. Don’t put floury baking things in un-rinsed as causes white grime
  8. Run kitchen tap until water runs hot before starting the dishwasher
  9. Store dishwasher tablets in water tight container
  10. Use white vinegar as rinse aid
  11. Avoid bleach based cleaning solutions that damage stainless steel and seals
  12. Keep door very slightly open when not running to prevent mildew etc
  13. Unblock holes in dishwasher spray e.g. with cocktail stick or tooth pick
  14. Scrub scuzzy rubber seals with baking soda paste using a toothbrush 
  15. Pour cup of baking soda & then a cup of vinegar into drain to unblock
  16. Run short, hot, empty load with 2 cups of white vinegar in top of machine + baking soda (bicarb) shaken over bottom

Do hope these tips help … if you are looking for more quick natural ideas for conquering the housework without completely losing the marbles do check out other planet friendly Cleaning posts. 

And do share your advice below. We love love love new tips!

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