Quick Tips to Cut Down on Ironing

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I don’t actually mind ironing.

It’s quite relaxing done in front of the TV.

Or at least it would be, if I actually had 3 hours spare to stop and watch TV!

So back on planet reality, I lived in fear of the ever growing mountain of increasingly crumpled stuff in the laundry basket.

Until that is, I turned everything on it’s head and banished the blinking basket!

I now do 30 minutes a week absolute tops and many weeks none at all!

My mistake was assuming most stuff needed ironing. So once the laundry was dry I put it all in a basket to wait to be ironed.

Just like my mum and grandma always did.

My mum & grandma were so wise about so much but the ironing I have to stay they got wrong!

If you start the laundry assuming you won’t iron a thing and take a tiny bit of extra care during the wash and put things away neatly as soon as dry, they actually get much less crumpled.

Then even if you decide to iron a few things as needed like smart cotton shirts, they’ll be super quick to do because most of the wrinkles will have dropped out.

If you struggle with the ironing, like me, this approach really does make an enormous difference … give it a try and let me know what you think …

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How To Cut Down on Ironing

1. Dry laundry straight away … don’t leave it sitting in the machine
2. If drying naturally, remember to shake, shape and spray …. shake everything well as you take it out, re-shape it and spray with lavender spray
3. If drying on an airer, put everything possible on a clothes hanger hang trousers upside in proper trouser hangers, never fold them over
4. If drying on the line, peg as tautly as you can
5. Assume NOTHING needs ironing … as soon as dry fold or hang and put away … never, never put it in a basket to get crumpled
6. ONLY iron on an as needs basis … plan clothes for a two or three days ahead and only iron if you really really must … I manage to limit it to a few cotton shirts and trousers
7. If you really must iron … pop some foil under the cover to reflect the heat, iron on the lowest temperature first, spray cotton with super simple home made starch spray & put straight back on hangers

What about you? 

What are your favourite tips for getting on top of the laundry? Do share them below?

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3 thoughts on “Quick Tips to Cut Down on Ironing”

  1. I don’t iron! I learned a lot of these tips when I owned a used children’s clothing store. A great tip I learned was to mixt an item that has wrinkles with a 50/50 mixture of fabric softener and water. Give it a good shake and hang to dry. Thank you for sharing at Fluster’s Creative Muster.

    Fluster Buster

  2. I hate ironing. I seem to put it off as long as possible thus insuring there are plenty of wrinkles. Thanks for inspiring me to do better 🙂 Krista @ A Handful of Everything

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