Save More Money on Groceries

Want to save even MORE money on your weekly groceries? Check out these simple tips that helped us cut our grocery bill even further ...

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Save more money on groceries ... want to save even MORE money on your weekly groceries? Check out these simple tips that helped us cut our grocery bill even further ...We’ve saved a whole heap of money on our groceries in the last year.

But I had a feeling we could save more.

I’ve cut out loads of stuff we just didn’t need … particularly cleaning products!

I make sure I stick to my shopping list and I know my unit prices so I can either buy bulk or shop the sales to get the best deal easily.

And I cram my freezer chock-full to cut waste … but you know what?

There was still stuff thrown out every week!!

And other stuff that sat in the cupboard untouched week after week … whilst the whole family gorged on cheese and juice way more than is healthy.

So I tried a simple experiment and ditched the weekly supermarket shop.


Ditch the Weekly Supermarket Shop

I have to confess I felt strangely guilty, like I was doing something wrong.

I mean, it’s just what you do isn’t it? A big weekly shop.

But my hunch was if we weren’t stocking the fridge up every week, we would all be that bit more careful and the uneaten stuff would actually get eaten.

It Only Takes a Bit of Planning

I was worried planning for 2 whole weeks ahead would be a nightmare.

But it was actually super simple.

I just split our monthly meal plan … I rotate the same old plan of faves every 4 weeks 🙂 … between two shopping lists in Cozi, a unbelievably fab FREE tool I use for meal planning. (If you haven’t tried it, check it out here … it’s brilliant!)

And that was it done … every fortnight I shop the meal plan plus my shopping lists for household supplies and general food.


A Few Hiccoughs

Now of course it didn’t go totally smoothly initially.

I under estimated at the start on a few things like butter and coffee and it took us the first fortnight to adjust our cheese and juice gorging habits!

But it has really made us all think more about what we are eating because we know the fridge isn’t going to be magically refilled at the end of the week.

And that means less waste AND more money saving!

What We Saved

We’ve already saved loads on groceries this year but switching from a weekly to a fortnightly shop is still saving us an extra £10 to £15 a week.

And that’s at least £500 a year and 10 grand over 20 years … and I don’t know about you, but I’ll always take 10 grand over a poke in the eye 🙂

If you shop weekly and want to save more, I would definitely recommend it.

And if you’re looking for more practical tips do have a look at our other money saving posts and sign up below for our lovely Mums Make Lists newsletter which is crammed full of them.


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