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Simple Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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A weekly cleaning schedule is essential for all us busy mothers who want to stay on top of their share / all of the housework (delete as applicable) without finding themselves in cleaning hell every few weeks. 

From experience I know that the more SIMPLE the BETTER when it comes to actually sticking to a cleaning schedule. 


Because cleaning is not my favourite thing to do. 

Or my favourite use of my time. 

So the less time it takes to get my home clean and the easier it is, the more likely I am to do it.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a super SIMPLE weekly cleaning schedule that only takes 20 minutes per day MAX! 

Plus, no single task takes more than a couple of minutes. 

One Genius Essential Cleaning Tool

Before I share my cleaning routine, I want to share with you the one essential cleaning tool I wouldn’t be without…

…a good supply of microfibre cloths.

If you’ve never used microfibre cloths, I promise they are going to revolutionise your cleaning.

They clean surfaces quickly and thoroughly with just water. Which means no more pulling on gloves, getting out bottles and making yourself choke with the nasty chemicals.

I keep a stack of cloths in my utility room and have one on hand in the kitchen and bathrooms.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of microfibre cloths but my favourites by a long way are E-Cloths . I really can’t recommend them enough. They save time AND they save money because you don’t need to buy liquid cleaning products.

So that’s the essential cleaning tools sorted… here’s the simple weekly cleaning schedule:

Simple Weekly Cleaning Schedule


  • Beds… everyone makes their own after breakfast (allows beds time to air)
  • Speed wipe bathroom… wipe basins, bath rim & cistern tops with cloth (I use a separate cloth for the cistern)
  • Empty dishwasher … and put everything away before breakfast


  • Kitchen work tops & sink … wipe down with microfibre cloth
  • Kitchen floor…quickly sweep or vacuum up crumbs
  • Empty the rubbish (trash) bins … empty bins & compost crock last thing at night
  • Run dishwasher…having loaded throughout day, put it on after dinner
  • Speed tidy .. I have a dump basket in each room and anything on the floor or furniture goes in the basket at the end of the day to be sorted once a week
  • Put clothes away … in laundry basket for washing or hang up if still clean

Week Days Only

  • Laundry … single load of laundry each day.
  • Speed tidy and dust … blitz one or two rooms per day

Once Per Week

  • Mop floors … mop the kitchen, bathroom and any hard surface floors

How to Keep on Track with Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I find the best incentive for keeping on track with my cleaning schedule is to remember how horrid it is if I don’t do it!

The house descends into chaos and I have to spend ages fixing it.

Keeping the schedule as a daily checklist in the family organiser on my phone also really helps.

I use Cozi … which is FREE! … and unbelievably fantastic.

Of course there are times when the housework does get out of control – I had to seriously declutter before Christmas because there was just nowhere to put anything.

It’s at times like these that I resort to a survival cleaning routine which ensures I just get something done and don’t feel completely out of control.

So there you have it.

Hopefully my weekly cleaning schedule will help you get your household cleaning under control so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing other stuff – fun stuff!

Just to recap, if you are literally up to your eyes with no time to even think about doing daily cleaning, do take a look at my Survival Cleaning Routine.

It’s the kind of simple routine that will keep your household ticking over until you can get back onto an even keel. 

And please do check out our Cleaning Section for a whole bunch of useful posts to help you get what needs to be done DONE with the minimum of time and effort. 

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