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Use these clever bathroom organisation ideas to make the most of the space you have in your bathroom and keep it super organised. 

Bathroom organisation ideas

Are you looking for some super useful small bathroom organisation ideas? 

Simple, but clever storage solutions that will help you maximise the space you have in your bathroom?

Look no further… 

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house. 

It’s also one of the most important. 

Plus it is usually home to a LOT of stuff. 

So it’s no small wonder that it can easily get cluttered and disorganised. 

There’s the towels and flannels. 

Plus there’s toiletries and beauty products. 

Oftentimes we keep our make-up in the bathroom. 

Sometimes a dirty laundry basket. 

The list goes on. 

You really can have the tidiest bathroom ever!

Rethink your bathroom organisation

So every now and then it’s time to stop and assess what you could do declutter and organise your bathroom better. 

What are the small bathroom organisation ideas that could work for you? 

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The simple ways you can tidy up the storage in your bathroom so that it is a joy to spend time in.

I’ve been having a ‘how on earth do I organise my bathroom’ moment this last week, so I’ve set about researching ideas that could work. 

There are a lot of great ideas out there, so I’ve rounded up some of my favourites. 

7 Small bathroom organisation ideas

Take a look through this list of super creative ways to organise your bathroom and start planning how to re-work your bathroom storage. 

1. Easy access toilet roll storage

Toilet paper is a bathroom essential, there’s no arguing with that. 

However, it can be a pain in the b***, quite literally, if the place you store your toilet paper isn’t easily reachable, especially if you have children in the house. 

So, using a neat toilet roll storage container makes great sense. 

What makes even more sense is this genius over the tank toilet roll storage container by mDesign. 
It’s great for small bathrooms.

So neat and tidy. 

So easy to reach! 

2. Clear storage with labels makes life easy

Use clear storage pots for your small bathroom bits, everything from Q-tips to cotton wall balls, lip balms and toe nail clippers, they can all go into small clear storage. 

To make life even easier, you can label everything. 

Then when you’re rushed off your feet trying to get out in the morning, your brain doesn’t even need to work, it can go onto auto-pilot. 

Hop over to the Creativity Exchange where you can download some beautiful free printable labels ready-made. 

Printable storage labels | The Creativity Exchange

3. Small baskets make great storage

We go large on baskets in our house. They make storage look just that bit more pretty. They’re wicker answer to Mason Jars!

Make like this image from Pottery Barn and hang some open baskets that have a nice lip around their top edge onto curtain rods. 

This kind of storage is great for grab-it-and-go bathroom stuff like brushes, sponges and shower products. 

4. Grab and go hairdryer storage

Keep your hairdryer in the bathroom? 

Want to get to it more quickly on busy mornings?

Use a metal filing box, like this one pictured here by Dream Greeny DIY.

Attach it to a wall or the side of a bathroom unit and you’re all set. 

metal file box bathroom organization

Hairdryer storage | Dream Greeny DIY

5. Double down on your shower rod

This is one of those genius creations that I just love. 

You know that moment when the water in the shower has got you all lovely and warm, but the air in the bathroom is icy in comparison?

This is why you need a duo shower rod. 

Then your towel is right there. 

Plus, if you don’t have a heated towel rail to put it on, it’s great for letting your towel air after you’ve used it. 

Oh, and it’s compact. 

And it looks great. 

6. Magnetise your make-up

Now this is one super neat idea!


It involves creating a magnetic space on the wall for your make-up and adding magnets to the back of your make-up. 

It’s perfect for those of us who covet our luxury make-up brand purchases and want to show them off!

You can find details of how to create a board over on Laura Thoughts.

7. Wine rack towel holders

Ok, so the fantasy is a lovely chilled glass of white wine in a sumptuous bubble-filled bath at the end of a long day. 

The reality is, it’s a rare day when you get wine anywhere near the bathroom.

So, to help you get in the mindset to have wine-bath moments more often, why not use wine racks as storage for your bath towels?!

Wine rack towel holders | 11 Magnolia Lane

Well that’s seven awesome ideas for bathroom storage to help you organise your small bathroom. 

I hope you find yourself using at least one of them to make your bathroom just that bit more organised, so you can enjoy being it the bathroom just that little bit more. 

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