Summer Cleaning

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This year I’ve been in survival cleaning mode.

So apart from a few jobs here and there, spring cleaning hasn’t really happened yet.

I am a great believer anyway in spreading it out throughout the year … I mean who has a week to stop everything and clean?!

But now the summer is here, there are a few jobs that I think just have to get done.

Because I will pay, pay, pay for it if I don’t.

And apart from one horrid one I’m leaving to last … can you guess what it is? … none of them take that long to do.

1. Launder Blankets & Put Away

We constantly battle moths so I need to launder & put away blankets now to stop moths munching holes and breeding in them.

Lots of blankets say dry clean only but mine have all been fine on a wool cycle.

I wash them early on a sunny day & line dry them.

I am trying to make sure all bed linen, clothes & fabrics that aren’t in use are stored away once clean in airtight containers so the moths can’t get them.

I use compressible storage bags like these from Ziploc (UK) … which really do save enormous amounts of space AND keep the moths out.

2. Launder & Pack Up Winter Clothes

I’ve learnt the hard way through loads of tiny holes in my favourite t-shirts and woolies that winter coats & clothes really do need to get laundered and stored away as well.

And going through the wardrobe, will also be a good opportunity for a declutter.

3. Wash Duvets & Dry Outside

If you don’t have a drier or want to save by using it less, now’s the time to wash your duvets.

The key trick is to keep your eyes peeled for a really windy dry day … it doesn’t even need to be that sunny. The wind is essential to stop the down clumping in a soggy ball.

Get them up as early as possible and turn every hour or so to keep the feathers shaken up.

They should be dry by the end of the day but to be absolutely sure hang them when you bring them in and hang them out again the next day.


4. Wash the Windows

Our London windows don’t half get grimey.

And with the sun shining I just can’t ignore how mucky they are.

Plus as the first fruit is now out, it’s pigeon poop time! Lovely.

I just use a damp microfibre window cleaning cloth (UK) … plus a spritz of white vinegar on any super mucky bits … so once I actually get out there it’s incredibly quick to do.

Now, I’m not suggesting the world will end if you don’t wash the windows but there is something so depressing about seeing grubby windows every time the sun shines


5. Wipe & Sweep Porch

I have to confess this gets neglected most of the year.

There’s cobwebs, spiders & the odd snail hanging around the porch light and I don’t know what hiding under the door mat.

And with everyone in and out of the house in the summer, a mucky porch means dirt trodden through the house and more vacuuming … and I really don’t want to do more vacuuming.

If like my daughter, your kids love bugs & soapy water & sponges, it’s also fab chance to get them to help you out collecting up the bugs and wiping down the walls.


6. Tidy the Shed / Garage

This is the one I am looking forward to least. It will take time & drive me crazy.But as we spend more and more time outside, it’s a must.

We tried to get the paddling pool out the other week but the shed is so messy we couldn’t find the pump & when we finally found it the nozzle was missing! Grrr …

I’m looking forwards to lots of no prep summer fun this year where we just grab stuff from the shed and go, but there’s no chance of that with the mess it’s in.

I do hope you found this helpful … if you are looking for more tips do check out our other easy cleaning and organisation posts ….

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18 thoughts on “Summer Cleaning”

  1. Great tips! It is almost summer and I am still catching up on all that needs done. Time to get out the paper and pencils and make a list! Thanks for linking up to the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. We are so glad you came!

  2. This is a great list. I definitely need to get moving on laundering bedding (I’m a little scared to wash the quilt my Hubby’s grandma made for us), and the garage is already high on our to-do list. 🙂
    Found you at Creativity Unleashed. 🙂
    Kim @

  3. Hooray, someone like me. Stumbled across your blog and its fab. Glad to know i’m not the only one trying to still keep a tight ship and be a hands on Mum at the same time. Have to admit i’ve just washed cushion covers and throws, but my windows are a disgrace!! :O)

  4. It’s time to do that Spring cleaning…..all over the world. Not my favorite, but it’s fun to find things that have been lost all season. Enjoy the Summer!!!

  5. Wonderful tips! I just finished our bedroom closet a couple of weekends ago, and it was an all day job. I have found that I really love Space Bags to store my blankets. (Do you have Space Bags in London?) By the way, I visited London once, 22 years ago! I really want to go back. I found your blog at the You’re Gonna Love it Tuesday linkup. Glad to “meet” you!

    1. Am complete devotee of Space Bags Pam! Have just about this week got all the blankets, jumpers, winter rugs and woolies washed and safely packed away. A bit of an effort but so worth it, if it saves us from the moths.

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