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Here’s a roundup of some of the loveliest toy storage baskets that you can use to help keep your child’s bedroom tidy and clutter free. 

Toy storage baskets for clutter free kids’ rooms

Kids’ bedrooms have to be amongst the most difficult rooms in the house to keep tidy and clutter free

I think the thing is that they are often home to so many different things – aside from your child!!

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Games
  • Lego 
  • Clothes
  • Dressing up outfits
  • Craft stuff
  • Homework stations 
  • Diaries and stationery 
  • Cuddly toys and dolls 

Plus the inhabitants aren’t always the most tidy conscious. 

Mind you, who can blame them when there’s just so much stuff! 

In my experience there is one storage solution above all others that works well for kids’ rooms. 

The humble storage basket. 

Now I’m not saying that decanting everything in your child’s room into storage baskets will magically have that room neat and clutter free at all times.

In fact one of the most important factors for standing a chance of creating a relatively clutter free bedroom is to have a massive declutter first. 

THEN you can bring forth the storage you need to keep the stuff in your child’s room nice and tidy. 

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Gorgeous toy storage baskets

How exciting! 

I love a storage basket, but it can be hard to find the really lovely ones. 

Which is why I’ve rounded up a some of my favourites around at the moment. 

One thing to always bear in mind is choosing baskets that don’t have scratchy bits on that can hurt little hands. 

Which is why I’ve gone for baskets made of fabric, paper or woven with natural materials like seagrass. 

The softer the basket the better. 

Toy storage baskets for kids’ rooms

Red gingham toy storage basket – can be personalised 

NOTHS red gingham toy storage basket

Gingham toy storage basket |

Teddy face paper storage basket

Sweet dreams seagrass belly basket

Sweet dreams seagrass belly basket |

Dinosaur or unicorn paper storage bag 

Willow & Hive paper bag storage
Dinosaur paper storage bag | Willow & Hive on eBay

Ella organic cotton bunny storage basket

Smallable Pink bunny ella-organic-cotton-storage-basket
Ella organic cotton bunny storage basket | Smallable 

Rope storage basket

GLTC storage basket
Rope storage basket | Great Little Trading Company

Fox crocheted toy storage basket

Fox crochet storage basket
Fox crocheted toy storage basket | Etsy 

Kangaroo seagrass and raffia basket 

Kangaroo seagrass and raffia basket |

Pink polkadot fabric storage basket

Pink polkadot fabric basket |

Grey felt storage basket 

Grey felt storage basket
Grey felt storage basket | Etsy 

Tango cotton toy storage basket 

Nobodinoz Green storage baskets Smallable
Tango cotton toy storage basket | Smallable

Love the beautiful colours that these baskets come in. There’s two shades of pink, pale blue, natural, mustard yellow and this gorgeous almond green.  Plus they come in three sizes. 

I really hope there’s a storage basket in here that you love and want to have in your child’s bedroom or playroom. 

Baskets really are a great way to keep kids’ rooms clutter free.