Tips for Sick Kids

Simple tips for keeping sick kids hydrated when they have a tummy bug or gastric flu ..

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Simple tips for keeping sick kids hydrated when they have a tummy bug or gastric flu ..My daughter was sick last week.

We’ve been quite lucky until now with only one previous bout of proper pewking since she was a baby.

Last time,  it was in the middle of Broadstairs station – just before the train arrived! yuk! – after a lovely long sunny day by the sea.

Boy was she sick!

For 24 hours she couldn’t keep anything down.  I hadn’t a clue what might stay down long enough to prevent dehydration and give her some energy.

And in between changing yet another load of bedding, I didn’t have time to root through hundreds of different pins and posts for answers.

So I took to Twitter.  And it was one of those times when the Twitterverse just excelled itself with other mums coming to the instant rescue with this list of 10 tips …

Now obviously if the vomiting continues for more than 48 hours or your child has any other symptoms that don’t fit with a basic tummy bug or gastric flu you should always get medical advice. But if you are pretty sure it is just a bug, these tips will hopefully help.

Tips for Hydrating Sick Kids

  1. Salty crisps – Amazing! Got littl’un + mum through the day
  2. Full sugar flat cola – stir to make flat
  3. Full sugar flat lemonade
  4. Cola or lemonade lollies
  5. Rehydration sachets e.g Diarolyte – my daughter hated it but others swear by
  6. Freeeze rehydration sachets as ice cubes or lollies
  7. Small sweet lollies
  8. Digestive biscuits – not right away but once had kept crisps down
  9. Water through a straw – my daughter could keep down little sips from a straw
  10. Avoid dairy

What about you?

What are favourite tips for keeping sick kids hydrated. Do share below.

If you’re looking for more simple tips do check out our other parenting and kids health posts.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Sick Kids”

  1. Thanks for this, nursing my big one right now. On day three and she hasn’t eaten anything apart from one teaspoon of custard – which according to your list is a no no. Going to offer crisps now !

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