Top tips … choosing a primary school

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I really can rant all day about primary school places.  It makes me so cross!

The council sold off our local primary school 10 years ago.  So now the only school we have within a mile’s walk is a single class entry Church of England school at which a maximum of 7 places each year go to non-church goers.

Like all of London we’ve had a major local baby boom.  So there just aren’t enough places and you’ve got to fight tooth and nail to get a school that you’re happy with never mind your first choice!

It is so easy to get in a complete state about school places and feel there’s nothing you can do so here’s a list of top tips on choosing a primary school.  There’s some tips for those who have got to submit their applications in January for next September’s intake plus some others of more use to those already worrying ahead for 2014 or even 2015!

If you’ve already been through the process what advice would you give to mums who are just starting out?  And if you’re going to be go going through it for the first time this January what are are you most worried about?

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4 thoughts on “Top tips … choosing a primary school”

  1. The point that makes me the most cross is “Consider going to church” – that SURELY can’t be right, being bribed by the church to get into a school. Blimey, something is very wrong in this country.

  2. Completely agree but is reality for a lot of people in London at least. Our “local” school is in the next road but without going to church children on our street have little chance of getting in and in the next street less than 100 metres from the school no chance. And obviously completely discriminatory to those of other faiths.

  3. Oooh, Sarah have just realised from you’re blog that you’re an ex-Brixtonite so you’ll know all about challenges of school places here in Lambeth!

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