How to choose the best stroller

Choosing a stroller - how to choose the right stroller or travel system for your baby and avoid expensive mistakes

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Choosing a stroller / pushchair is one of the hardest things to do before you give birth. Here are some great tips for things to consider when making your decision. 

How to choose the best stroller for your needs

How do you go about finding a travel system or stroller that will actually work for you?

And how do you avoid spending a fortune on something you come to loathe with a vengeance?

Choosing a stroller can be right up there with choosing a name for your baby!!

So I’ve put together a list of things it’s worth considering as you make your decision. 

Things to consider when choosing a stroller

There are all sorts of guides out there on the “best buys” for strollers and pushchairs. 

But having spent two years plus pushing one around for several miles per day, I think I’ve been able to draw up a good list of things to consider when you’re making your purchase decision. 

It really does all come down to your lifestyle. 

Stroller considerations

  1. Whether it will fit in your house
  2. Where you will store it when you’re at home
  3. Not too heavy to get up any stairs / in and out of car
  4. Comfortable height for everyone going to use it
  5. Not too wide
  6. Not too long
  7. Will it fits easily on public transport 
  8. Whether you want it to face you or face forward or do both (which costs more money)
  9. Whether you want it to take a carry cot
  10. Whether you want it to take a car seat / infant carrier
  11. Whether you want to use it from birth or from when baby can sit up
  12. Is it easily collapsible
  13. Can it be extended to take 2 babies
  14. What is the amount of under seat storage
  15. How stable is it with bags on handle bars
  16. Is it suitable for rough terrain (if you’ve got a dog or want to go walking or on beach)
  17. Will it be suitable for jogging 
  18. What is the re-sale value
  19. Is it easy to put up / take down 
  20. Are the brakes easy to use / reliable

You’ll find more detailed tips and advice in this list you can download, edit, print off and scribble notes all over. 

Try before you buy

Go and try out some strollers / pushchairs once you have a shortlist of the things you care most about. 

I suggest going to a big store that carries a wide range. 

But don’t buy a stroller there and then. 

Find the best price for your stroller

Work out your preferences based on your shortlist and the strollers you like most in-store. 

Then get to work doing some price research. 

Don’t forget to look for discounts and coupon codes for top department stores. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind seasonal discounting and holding off until then to buy your stroller. 

Second hand strollers

Of course it’s lovely to have a brand new stroller, but there are so many pre-loved strollers out there.

Many of them still in great condition. 

Buying second hand will save you a small fortune. 

Plus it’s great to recycle wherever possible. 

Check out eBay, local Facebook mum’s groups and Craigslist to see if you can find a well priced second hand stroller. 

WhatsApp your friends to see if they know of anyone looking to sell the stroller you want. 

I do hope these tips help you find the right stroller or travel system for you.

If you’re looking for more tips from mums who’ve been there, check out our other pregnancy and baby posts. 


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3 thoughts on “How to choose the best stroller”

  1. My fav buggy was a mamas and papas one that i had for my eldest son. My least fav is the phil and teds double that i have now for my toddlers. I also have an obaby stroller which is fab. The thing ive always found is what you think you need prebaby is never what you realise you need post baby! Also expensive does not mean it will be any good….and vice versa cheaper models can be great!

  2. I would add good design. Its nice to have something that’s both stylish and practical. Our silver cross surf fits the bill and is can be folded easily to go in the car.

    Also would add adaptability, or ability to grow with your baby eg a newborn snug that can then be removed, adjustable strap heights etc

    Wish there were pram libraries so you could try before you buy! We got ours on ebay in case we didn’t get on with it and needed to resell. Saved us an arm and a leg and got a free workout cleaning it to boot!

  3. This is a very helpful list. I am currently on the lookout for good strollers and I’m glad that I have found this list 🙂 I am planning to get a Safety 1st shuttle stroller from . I was looking into its features and specifications and it meets the things you have wrote on your list. Thanks again for the help!

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