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How To Clean Up Wee, Sick and Poo

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Clean up wee sick and worse - how to clean up wee sick and worse when accidents happen ...Getting ready for our staycation in Norfolk, I can’t help but think about our last week away in Yorkshire in the spring.

It was great … weather wasn’t too bad … and little one had an amazing time rescuing lambs, paddling in brooks and actually doing a proper hike on her own two feet through the Dales.

The only blot on this idyllic image?

Little one bringing up lunch all over herself, the car seat, the car and mummy just before we arrived in the middle of nowhere!

So, this time I am going armed with a travel size container of  the wonder drug that is bicarbonate of soda or, as it’s better known on the other side of the Atlantic, baking soda!

I reckon it totally beats most commercial products when you have got to clean up wee, sick and poo from buggies, car seats, carpets, curtains and the furniture.

Children – and animals – do have an unbelievable capacity to produce large volumes of un-speakableness, so definitely makes sense to have essential cleaning supplies to hand including:

  • Wads of kitchen roll to mop up the surplus
  • A supply of disposable rubber gloves for easily picking up poo
  • A roll of disposable cloths – not very green but need for wiping up spray
  • A scraper / spatula for scraping up poo / sick – disinfect afterwards
  • bundle of plastic bags – which you can easily grab & shove all stuff to be bunged 
  • Baking soda – you can sprinkle on directly once mopped/scraped up surplus
  • Baking soda solution just dissolve baking soda in water in a spray bottle
  • White vinegar solution mix a solution of half water / vinegar in spray bottle
  • Lemon juice concentrate  good on some stains and smells nicer than vinegar

It’s then a question of these easy steps to clean up the mess and clear the smell:

  1. Pick up / scrape up any bits you can with spatula / kitchen roll / gloves
  2. Wash with soapy water using as little water as possible
  3. On small areas of fabric/carpet sprinkle baking soda and leave to dry
  4. On large areas or hard surfaces spray solution of baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice
  5. On badly stained/smelling surfaces sprinkle baking soda, soak with vinegar until it foams and then rub the foam well into the stained area
  6. Hoover up the baking soda
  7. Shove everything used in plastic bag, including hoover bag, and put in outside bin.
  8. Rinse out hoover pipe

I do hope these tips help in your hour of need! If you are looking for more sanity saving, family friendly quick tips for mums who … like us … really haven’t got a clue do check out our other cleaning posts.

And do share your own advice below … we love, love, love your tips!



Saturday 31st of January 2015

I am a reception (kindergarten) teacher and I have had to clean up my share of sick through the years and have a tip that works wonders on smooth surfaces: sand! I just throw sand on the mess, let it sit for a while, then get the dustpan, wipe it up, throw it away. Mop the floor, rinse the dustpan. No yucky wet paper towels! Also works on carpet, but then you obviously still need to clean the stain.


Sunday 1st of February 2015

Oooh great tip Kim - thanks so much for sharing. Will add this to the post.


Thursday 18th of October 2012

Just linked up. x

Mums make lists

Friday 19th of October 2012

That's fabulous - big thanks! Love your blog! Loved your post!

Alice Thompson

Wednesday 1st of August 2012

Oooh not heard of that one before - how do you use it? Rub it in and spray rinse or leave foamy?


Tuesday 31st of July 2012

I used to find that shaving foam (spot test first) will remove pooh, wee, and sick from carpet and upholstery. Vix x