Top Tips – Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap Treatment Tips - All sorts of tips on how to treat cradle cap in babies and toddlers ...

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So this list of cradle cap treatment tips is compiled from friends, family and some conversations with the chemist and we’re going to start working our way through it from this week to see what is best for us.

Cradle Cap Treatment Tips

  1. Comb in Olive Oil before shampoo
  2. Comb in Coconut Oil before shampoo
  3. Comb in Almond Oil before shampoo
  4. Leave oil on overnight
  5. Comb in baby oil and leave in before shampoo
  6. Comb through with a nit comb to lift the pieces
  7. Wash hair frequently
  8. Wash hair infrequently – of course no one agrees!
  9. Use a medicated shampoo e.g. Dentinox, Capasal
  10. Use a gentle but rich non-medicated shampoo
  11. Lots of brushing
  12. Comb in specialist cradle cap baby oil e.g. Green Baby, Pure Baby
  13. Comb in Arachis Oil – peanut derived so avoid if any suspicion of allergy
  14. Use essential oils – e.g. lavender, chamomile, burdock, comfrey
  15. Brush with a soft toothbrush
  16. Apply medicated cradle cap lotion e.g. Metanium
  17. Apply natural cradle cap lotion e.g. Burt Bees Calendula Cream
  18. Give a multi-vitamin supplement to ensure enough Vitamin B
  19. If breastfeeding take a multi-vitamin supplement for mums
  20. Mix bicarb of/baking soda into paste and spread on 20 mins before washing
  21. Spray on a sage and thyme solution
  22. Rub in petroleum jelly and leave overnight
  23. Rub in an anti-Eczema cream
  24. Apply other anti-eczema products e.g. Oilatum
  25. Use products designed for head lice e.g. Hedrin

***NB one note of warning – cradle cap typically characterised by yellow patches of crusty skin, if it inflamed, oozy or itchy or appears anywhere but scalp is probably something else and you should see your GP.s

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Cradle Cap Treatment Tips - All sorts of tips on how to treat cradle cap in babies and toddlers ...

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