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Baby weaning tips from a mum who has been through it... We've put together a list of 50+ puree and mash ideas for first foods for babies who are being weaned from nursing on milk onto solids. #Baby #Weaning #WeaningBaby #WeaningTime #WeaningIdeas #BabyLedWeaning #BabyLedWeaningIdeas #Puree

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Weaning a first child can be a real hit and miss affair. 

There are several methods, so the trick / luck is finding the method that works for you and your baby. 

Or better still, as we did, to find a combination of methods that works. 

Things I can pass on that I think are great tips for successfully weaning your baby are: 

Top baby weaning tips from a mother who has done it

1. If your baby is super hungry before six months, don’t wait, just get started

2. Combine purees with lots of babyled weaning foods

3. Chill out about both what gets eaten and how much gets eaten

4. Get yourself some lists of purees and babyled weaning first foods, so you’re never at a loss for ideas

So with that in mind… you can pop to our BabyLed Weaning post for 40 ideas for handheld first foods for babyled weaning. 

Then take a look at our puree and mash ideas below. 

You can click on this link: 50 puree and mash ideas for a printout. 

50 Puree and Mash Weaning Foods

Basic Fruit

  • A sweet apple simmered with cinnamon before pureeing
  • Steamed pear – good to combine with apple
  • Mash banana with milk – don’t freeze
  • Ripa papaya blended with milk
  • Dried apricots – brown not bright orange ones – simmered for 5 minutes and put through mouli to remove skin and stone before blending with cooking water or milk & baby rice
  • A ripe skinned peach pureed in own juice – good with banana
  • Ripe mango – doesn’t need cooking – good with banana
  • Any kind of ripe melon pureed in own juice
  • Mashed up ripe avocado mixed with milk

Basic Vegetables

  • Carrots steamed until very soft and pureed with water or milk – can add a little baby rice
  • Boil or baked potato blended with milk in mouli
  • Swede dry roasted and pureed
  • Parsnip treated like carrot or dry roasted like swede
  • Butternut squash steam for 15 mins or dry roast & puree
  • Courgette steamed for 10 mins – doesn’t need water to blend but can add rice to make creamy
  • French beans washed, top-tailed & steamed for 10 minutes
  • Roast beetroot, remove skins and puree with water
  • Peas good combined with sweet potato or potato
  • Roasted, skinned & deseeded peppers blended with a little water
  • De-stalked spinach wilted in pan with butter – good with potato & basil
  • Skinned, de-seeded & chopped tomatoes fried in butter & pureed – potato & cauliflower good for thickening.  Very acidic so avoid if bad wind or reflux.

Fruit Combinations

  • Apple cooked in orange juice & moulied raisins to remove skin
  • Simmer peach & banana with a little juice & puree
  • Simmer apple, pear & dried apricot & puree
  • Simmer blueberries for few minutes & blend with banana
  • Saute bananas in butter with cinnamon & then puree

Vegetable Combinations

  • Florets of broccoli & cauliflower blended with milk & a little melted cheese
  • Boiled potato with steamed courgette & broccoli blended with milk
  • Roast & puree carrot, swede and butternut squash
  • Baked sweet potatoes blended with orange juice and a little milk
  • Roast lightly boiled cauliflower florets with oil, lemon juice, parmesan & thyme
  • Scoop out baked potato and blend with wilted spinach & basil
  • Boil peas with garlic and blend with butter
  • Cauliflower soup from cauliflower, potato, onion, garlic & celery
  • Root veg soup thickened with breadcrumbs, cheese or baby rice
  • Veg curry as long as very mild can be blended

Try each dairy item in isolation first, after 6 months before combining:

  • Mango & rice pudding
  • Blend mango with yoghurt
  • Blend banana with yoghurt
  • Blend very ripe or baked peach with yoghurt
  • Add yoghurt to any fruit or veg combinations
  • Grate cheese into savoury combinations
  • Add cream to fruit purees
  • Add a little chopped hard boiled egg to savoury combinations
  • Cauliflower cheese – just blend white sauce with grated cheese & cauliflower
  • Cheese & spinach – blend white sauce with wilted spinach & grated cheese
  • Cheese & broccoli – blend white sauce with steamed broccoli & grated cheese

Bread, Rice, Grains & Lentils

After 6 months try each item in isolation before combining:
  • Add breadcrumbs to savoury purees
  • Add baby rice to sweet or savoury purees after 6 months
  • Add pudding rice to sweet purees
  • Add risotto rice to savoury purees
  • Blend spelt or pearl barley with sauteed onion wilted spinach
  • Add cooked red lentils to any veg combinations 
  • Fried onions blended with simmered water cress & red lentils cooked with garlic
  • Mashed or pureed pea risotto 

Meat & Fish

  • Boil & simmer chunks of skinless, boneless chicken pieces for 10 mins. Add rough chopped lettuce & simmer for 2 to 3 minutes until lettuce wilted, then blend
  • Pureed or mashed salmon risotto once salmon tried in isolation
  • Spag bol as long as have tried all ingredients in isoltion, fine to have pureed


  •  Mash or puree any crumble with cream
  • Fruit cobbler – rub butter & flour together, stir in sugar, beaten egg & milk to form soft dough and put blobs of dough on top of any pureed fruit good for crumble – cook for 35 mins at 190c and then mash or blend with cream

Feeling all set? Good luck! 

Don’t forget to check out our Babyled Weaning post for more ideas on first foods to get your baby excited about eating. 

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Baby weaning tips from a mum who has been through it... We've put together a list of 50+ puree and mash ideas for first foods for babies who are being weaned from nursing on milk onto solids. #Baby #Weaning #WeaningBaby #WeaningTime #WeaningIdeas #BabyLedWeaning #BabyLedWeaningIdeas #Puree

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