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So we made it … whoop, whoop, whoop … finally … through the wilderness … that is potty training!

It was really not that bad but the first few days when you’re house bound it does take you back to those dark, lonely moments of being a new mum …

And then there are those times when you just cannot handle yet one more thing – a bed, the carpet, the only clean clothes left – being sopping wet and needing to go in the washing machine and somehow get dry when it’s bunging it down and you don’t have a tumble dryer … aaaaaaaarghhhh!

This list of potty training top tips is the list I really, really wish I had when I started  – all the heaps and heaps of advice I got from family and friends and potty training gurus galore digested into 3 simple pages that can be downloaded, edited, printed and scribbled on!

And in case you’re really rushed for the time and can’t manage the full list, these are my absolute top ten learnt from getting it wrong …

Potty Training Tips

  1. Celebrate every success madly and wildly – clapping, cheering etc, the full bells & whistles
  2. Once they have got basic hang of it – let them decide when to go, they have to learn for themselves to recognise the warning signs of when they need to go
  3. Let them wet themselves in the first week – it is the only way that they learn
  4. Gently remind them but DO NOT nag – I did – because they will just rebel and claim they do not need to go even when they do and then you will have another puddle to clear up anyway
  5. DO NOT nag even if they are jigging around the room obviously bursting but still won’t go
  6. Wees can be like buses – nothing for ages, then 3 straight after each other … grrrr
  7. Keep celebrating success, even when they’ve been doing it for weeks
  8. Get an experienced mum to show you how to handle gender specific alfresco weeing so you don’t end up with wee all over you – I didn’t and ended up with all down my jeans yuk!
  9. Buy lots of bicarb of soda – nothing is as good at removing the smell
  10. Buy one potty for upstairs and one for down … it’s a long way to run when you’re small!
  11. Buy two potties the same … so you don’t get badly timed demands for the other one!
  12. Buy big pants … get slightly bigger pants so easy to pull up and down
  13. Buy extra loose clothes … get some extra cheap leggings or trousers that easy to pull down
  14. Avoid dungarees and poppers … avoid any clothes they can’t undo themselves
  15. Read potty stories in advance … build lots of positive associations before you start
  16. Try out potty in advance … even before ready to start in earnest let them try out the potty without pressure and celebrate everything they do with loud claps and cheers
  17. Try out loo seat in advance … encourage them to try out a trainer loo seat from the start so don’t become overly attached to potty
  18. Try out public loos in advance … many children resistant to using public loos, so good idea to get them comfortable from beginning
  19. Stock up on cleaning stuff … stock up on anti-bac spray or make your own from vinegar and essential oils and plenty of disposable or easily washable cloths and kitchen roll
  20. Oh and celebrate all success wildly!!

What about you?

What are your best tips for potty training?

I would love to hear your ideas … do share them below …

Top tips ... potty training 3

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