Teething Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Teethings tips for babies and toddlers - loads of great tips from other mums on how to relieve the agony of teething

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Teethings tips for babies and toddlers - loads of great tips from other mums on how to relieve the agony of teethingTeething is up there with colic for heart rending distress for you and little one.

Not least because it can screw up all that great night time sleeping that they were suddenly getting very good at!!

Add to this the fact that every man and his dog believes themself an expert in everything teething and will insist on sharing their teething tips with you!!

There are simply loads of teething tips out there, but this is definitely an area where babies differ enormously.

The teething tips that worked for your mum or are working for your friend will not necessarily work for your little bundle.

Plus, said little bundle will suddenly decide your tried and tested solution is no good at all – got to keep you on your toes mum!

So I reckon the best thing to do is to have  for 4 or 5  teething tips in your repertoire ready to go that you can offer without any hassle if the first thing you offer doesn’t work.

To help you out I’ve pulled together a list of over 20 different teething tips … 

Teething Tips for Babies

  1. Teething tablets 
  2. Teething gel
  3. Baby paracetamol / acetaminophen 
  4. Baby ibuprofen 
  5. Soft chewy teether
  6. Hard teether
  7. Sophie the GiraffeTeething Tips for Babies and Toddlers 1 … we were big big fans!
  8. Teethers you can put in freezer
  9. Chewable teether tooth brushTeething Tips for Babies and Toddlers 1
  10. Teeth massager
  11. Teething pacifier / dummies
  12. Amber necklaces / bracelets
  13. Pressing on gums
  14. Cleaning gums with tooth brush and cooled boiled water
  15. Muslin cloth cooled in freezer to chew on 
  16. Dummy / pacifier cooled in freezer
  17. Ice cubes in a mesh feeder
  18. Hard finger food e.g. carrot, crust
  19. Cold finger food e.g. cucumber, apple
  20. Small drink of water or diluted juice with ice cube in bottle
  21. Cool easy to digest food e.g. yoghurt, mostly melted icecream
  22. Avoid rusks because most if not all brands include sugar
  23. Drooling bibs and bandanas to try and keep clothes vaguely dry
  24. Teething pads for bags and baby carriers


If you found these teething tip helpful do check out our other baby and parenting posts … and absolutely do share your own fave tips, we can never get enough of them!


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