Top tips … weaning off the breast

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Please do in the meantime check out our Baby Led Weaning post, which is full of super useful tips on introducing solids with babyled weaning.

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Baby led weaning with lots of yummy hand held foods is the best way to prevent your child become a picky eater later on ...

Every time I try to write a post and list on breast feeding itself – which is what this was originally intended to be – I find that I do anything but.  

Two years later I just can’t bring myself to go back and revisit the frustration and even anger I still feel about the first few months of trying to breast feed and I fear any post will just become a rant about the failings of our maternity services …

.. but anyway despite all that frustration we did manage to get it together finally at about 12 weeks and actually carried on breast feeding right through to 15 months even though most of that was only on one boob!  And so this is a list instead of top tips on weaning off the breast.

Unfortunately – I think because I was so elated at finally getting the breast feeding sorted – I was particularly rubbish at weaning.

 I’d completely given up on bottle feeds and, as I had to go back to work full time in a hurry, didn’t have everything planned and ended up for several weeks with enormously bulging boobs that littl’un would drain like there was no tomorrow every day when I picked her up from nursery.  

So this is a list of tips – as with so many of these lists – that I wish I’d had and followed rather than one that I did.  I hope it helps.

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