Free Girls Dress Patterns

Free patterns girls dresses

This post is not currently live as it was very dated and needs updating. Please visit the homepage of MumsMakeLists for plenty of other useful posts.

Beginners Phonics

  Oh my, learning to read got sooo complicated! Most of us mums learnt with “look & say”. Very old school!! So, whether our kids are beginning school or we’re teaching them at home, all this phonics stuff can be super confusing!! I went searching for phonics apps for my 4 year old a few …

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Fire Experiment

This simple experiment helps kids understand what fire needs to burn. But more importantly it gives a very visual introduction to the idea of “gas” – it helps even pre-K kids understand that there is something in “thin air” even if we can’t see it. The experiment builds on the “volcano” experiment that lots of …

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The Best Learn To Read Apps For Kids

Apps are a completely brilliant way to help children learn to read. Some kids do learn quickly with traditional reading schemes. But in my experience most … including mine! … really respond to the extra motivation of cool interactive games AND rewards!

Cleaning Schedule

Use our simple weekly cleaning schedule - created with busy mothers - both working mums and SAHMs in mind - to help you stay on top of your house cleaning with our checklist of simple daily and weekly tasks #Cleaning #CleaningTips #CleaningHacks #CleaningRoutines

Our much loved Simple Weekly Cleaning Schedule post has moved to a new home on Mums Make Lists, you can find it by clicking here: Simple Weekly Cleaning Schedule. We’ve also got a bunch of other super useful posts for busy mothers who want to stay on top of their household chores with minimal time …

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Christmas Toys for Girls

Girls really can be demanding when it comes to Christmas presents , totally unlike their mothers of course 😉 Unfortunately some of their incredibly complicated ideas for complete gorgeousness can turn out more than a little expensive, again, nothing like their mothers … So this list includes some truly gorgeous Christmas gifts that will impress …

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Christmas Gift Guide

December is here and we’re all now officially allowed to go into full scale panic as we realise we’ve only got 3 weeks left to buy all our Christmas gifts … … that’s all the Christmas gifts for our kids, other people’s kids, mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, brothers, sisters, bestie friends, cousin Jim, Auntie Jill, …

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Christmas Gifts for Babies

Now obviously most babies will be happy with a cardboard box, scrumpled wrapping paper and a wooden spoon as a Christmas gift 🙂 But unless you’re a complete scrooge you’re going to want splash out on baby’s first Christmas. And friends and family will also come proffering gifts for the new born. So to avoid …

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Junk Modelling

Junk Modelling Ideas For Kids

Junk modelling is always a hit in our house.Our shed is bulging with all sorts of boxes that I have been told I must not throw away as they are going to be “used” in some “grand project” that may turn out to be nothing more than splodging a bit of paint all over them. …

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