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5 Ways to tone your inner thighs – no equipment needed

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The inner thigh can be a real problem area to keep toned. But there are ways to tone your inner thighs. Here’s a list of 5 exercises you can do that target your inner thigh. None of these exercises need any equipment.  

5 Ways to tone your inner thighs

The inner thigh is such a hard area to keep toned. 

It is also one of the first areas to look out of shape if we don’t exercise. 

Except, it can be an easy one to ignore. 

Unless you’re wearing skinny jeans every day. 

So what to do to tone up the inner thighs?

Is it even possible to tone them up when they’ve gone a bit flabby?

What you have to realise is that, as with other parts of the body, spot toning isn’t the way to do it. 

You can’t just decide to tone your inner thighs, do some targeted exercises and see them reduce in size and firm up. 

You need to focus on your whole body. 

But first a little information to motivate you to tone your inner thighs beyond having them look firmer and a better shape. 

Why it’s important to work your inner thigh muscles

The adductors – inner thigh muscles – are made up of five different muscles. 

These five muscles are responsible for the following:

  • Stabilising the outward rotation of your knee
  • Pulling the legs toward the centre line of your body
  • Play a key role in hip flexion and extension
  • Help stabilise your core 

In short, the muscle group that makes up the inner thigh muscles are there to provide stability and prevent injury to the knees, hips and lower back. 

The best ways to tone inner thighs

So, if spot training isn’t going to help to tone your inner thighs, then what is? 

Whole body strength and cardio exercises combined with a healthy eating plan. 

With that in mind, here are 5 exercises that involve the inner thigh, which you can incorporate into your workouts. 

Each of these exercises is great for burning calories and toning. 

I’ve also gone for five exercises that don’t need any equipment so you can just get on and do the exercises. 

5 Ways to Tone Your Inner Thighs

1. Bridge With Squeeze

This exercise is ah-maz-ing!

I sometimes do two sets of 20 of these in the morning if I know I have no time to do anything else before I get on with my day. 

Bridge on its own is brilliant for toning your butt and also your core. 

But add in a squeeze and you REALLY get those inner thigh muscles working. 

Here’s a video showing you how to do it.

How to Do a Bridge with Squeeze | Thighs Workout

2. Scissor jacks

These are a great way to warm up at the start of a workout. 

They are great for getting your heart rate up. 

Plus they go further than a regular jumping jack for toning your leg muscles.

SoXtraFit Workout 01 Scissor Jacks


3. Bodyweight lunges

All single-leg exercises that are performed through a full range of motion are good for your inner thighs, however the lunge is amongst the best. 

Your inner thighs have more than one function with a lunge. 

This exercise is also great for glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and your core. 

Here’s a video showing you how to do  bodyweight lunges. 

How to Do a Lunge | Thighs Workout


4. Glider side lunge

This is a great all round exercise for the whole of your thighs, your glutes and in fact every part of your legs. 

Oh plus it’s also great for your core, as long as you remember to keep those core muscles activated whilst you exercise. 

You need to do this exercise in socks on a floor surface that will allow you to glide. 

 If you have to workout on carpet, you can use a plastic lid, or the alternative is to buy a gliding desk, such as this one to use to enable you to glide

Here’s a video showing you how to do a glider side lunge

Gliding Disk Side Lunge


5. Sumo squats

A Sumo squat is wider than a regular squat, so there is more emphasis put on the inner thigh muscles. 

Here’s a video showing you how to do Sumo squats. 

I really hope knowing about these simple to do exercises helps you to tone your inner thighs. 

If you find it hard to exercise on a regular basis – who doesn’t when they’re juggling parenting with the rest of life – you might find my post on building exercise into everyday life useful. 

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These exercises for thighs are really helpful! They're really good ideas for exercises for thighs. All five can be done as part of a home workout or incoporate them into your gym routine     #innerthighs #innerthighworkouts #exercise #exercises #exercisefitness #exerciseworkout #exerciseathome #exercisetips
The inner thigh muscles are hard to target and a real problem area to keep toned. But there are ways to do it. Here's a list of 5 exercises you can do that target your inner thigh. All of these exercises can be incorprated into a workout from home or at the gym. None of these exercises need any equipment.    #innerthighs #innerthighworkouts #exercise #exercises #exercisefitness #exerciseworkout #exerciseathome #exercisetips