10 Minute Workout for Busy Mums

Workout for busy mums ... the amazing 10 minute workout for busy mums that's fun and family friendly and makes you feel a whole lot hurry scurry inside

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Workout for busy mums ... the amazing 10 minute workout for busy mums that's fun and family friendly and makes you feel a whole lot hurry scurry insideHurry. Scurry. Juggle. Drop.

Is that your day? It certainly feels like mine.

And too often the thing that gets dropped – so I can keep all the other balls in the air! – is me time, mummy time. And particularly any time for this mummy to exercise!

But hold onto your seats girls ‘cos I really, truly have found the best ever mum-friendly all over 10 minute workout.

And you know what else? It’s kid friendly AND it’s fun!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed it.

Not just to shift those extra inches and firm up the flabby bits – that my 6 year old finds sooo amusing! – but because it gets me out of the grump and helps me feel all a bit less well “hurry scurry” if you know what I mean.

So what’s the big secret?

Is it some new super-celebrity exercise DVD?


Is it some fancy costs-a-packet gym equipment?


So then surely it must be some body-bogglingly complicated yoga-pilates-whatever-its-called combo?


It’s actually just a good old fashioned, costs less than a tenner skipping rope. Seriously, you have to believe me, it’s a miracle worker!

And the whole trick – which is perfect for us busy mums – is it’s all about short bursts. You do a couple of minutes at a time but repeat 4 or 5 times a day.

In those few minutes you actually tone your legs, butt, abs and arms not to mention all that yikes-I’m-getting-older back fat. AND get your heart pumping.

To start with I could barely manage 100 skips at a time. But I’ve built up slowly and I so feel the difference. I’ve lost an inch or so here and there plus everything feels that bit more toned. And as importantly I feel less frayed around the edges. Less hurry scurry inside.

And and and … I almost forgot to say … the added benefit is my 6 year old has started skipping with me. She’s still finding her feet but it’s a lovely mummy-daughter moment in which I feel like I’m passing on part of my childhood and all those memories of skipping and jumping rope with friends.

Best workout for busy mums

So what are you waiting for? If you’re feeling too caught up in the horrible hurry scurry of motherhood to find time to look after you, just buy yourself a rope now – you can get one for under a tenner right here – and get skipping.

And whilst you’re at it, your skipping can actually help others through this year’s Sport Relief Skipathon. You and the kids can donate all your skips here and get involved in all sorts of other family friendly Sport Relief activities in your area from the 18th to 20th March.

This post was written in aid of Sport Relief which we are proud to support. We are grateful for the assistance of Pinterest UK in sharing the post. We did not receive compensation for the post and all opinions are our own.

Workout for busy mums ... the amazing 10 minute workout for busy mums

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