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113 Things to throw away today

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Here’s a list of 113 things to throw away today that will help power purge your home of clutter when you have neither the time or brain bandwidth to do a full declutter. 

113 Things to throw away today

There can’t be many of us who enjoy and like living in a cluttered home.

But doing something about being surrounded by clutter can be a massive undertaking. 

Especially if you don’t have much spare time or brain bandwidth. 

So here’s a quick power purge list of things you can throw away today to make a start on decluttering your home. 

Of course it’s important to not simply throw everything in the rubbish bin. So remember to recycle what can be recycled and donate to charity shops where possible. 

You might even find you have stuff cluttering your home that you can sell

If you really want to get up some speed you could take just a couple of minutes to read my post on the best way to declutter your home fast using the 4 box method, which will give you a really easy way to declutter fast whilst sorting into rubbish, recycling and storage. 

I’ve kept the list very top line, there’s no going into detail, so you can simply read the list and get going. 

I’m not suggesting you do the whole list in one fell swoop. 

Just dip in, get inspired and declutter away. 

113 Things to throw away today

1. General stuff and paperwork 

  1. Scraps of wrapping paper – you really will never use them!
  2. Old print outs
  3. Expired coupons and vouchers
  4. Coupons you will NEVER use
  5. Old invoices, bills and statements – shred! Set up online so you stop even getting paper versions
  6. Pens that are out of ink or don’t have a lid
  7. Old invitations
  8. Old tear sheets – bathroom inspiration, why keep it once the bathroom’s been made over?!
  9. Business cards – need the details? put them in your contacts
  10. Loyalty cards you never use
  11. Gift cards – what are you waiting for? use them before the expire!!
  12. Old printer ink cartridges
  13. Books you’ve read and will never read again 
  14. Envelopes that you won’t ever get round to re-using
  15. Payslips older than five years
  16. Old post-it notes
  17. Stationery you bought but just aren’t for you – bullet journal anyone?!!
  18. Old mobile phone covers and accessories – YOU WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN
  19. Multiple pairs of scissors
  20. Old public transport tickets
  21. Used theatre and cinema tickets
  22. Junk mail
  23. Old birthday cards
  24. Out of date calendars
  25. Old diaries
  26. Magazines 
  27. Newspapers
  28. Old notebooks that have no spare room
  29. Takeaway menus – you can no doubt get them online
  30. Out of date product guarantees
  31. Product manuals – just go online for support 
  32. Old unused batteries


2. Bathroom and bedroom

  1. Samples you will never get round to using
  2. Out of date toiletries
  3. Gunky nail polish 
  4. Old make-up 
  5. Travel size toiletries you never use 
  6. Hotel freebies – just use them already! Or bin them!
  7. Spa freebies – as above!!
  8. Old toothbrushes
  9. Out of date medicines 
  10. Hair accessories you never use and won’t ever use again
  11. Broken hair elastics
  12. Old prescription glasses
  13. Sunglasses you’ll never wear again – if they’re designer you could try selling them 
  14. Perfume you no longer like
  15. Empty perfume bottles you’ve kept because they were expensive!

3. Tech stuff

  1. Computer cords and cables you don’t need 
  2. Extension cables you never use
  3. Old mobile phones, tablets and tech gadgets 
  4. Excess chargers – how many do you ACTUALLY NEED?!!
  5. Manuals – get all the info you need online

4. Kitchen

  1. Utensils you have more than one of
  2. Cooking utensils that are half broken
  3. Frying pans that have lost their non-stick
  4. Discoloured tea and coffee cups
  5. Chipped crockery of any kind
  6. Empty bottles you’ve kept just in case you can use them – you can’t and you won’t
  7. Almost empty cleaning products – decant into fuller ones
  8. Cleaning cloths that are beyond rags
  9. Storage containers and jars that you NEVER use
  10. Fridge food past its use-by date 
  11. Freezer food that’s been in the freezer longer than six months 
  12. Pantry herbs and spices past their use-by date
  13. Pantry jars and bags that contain food you know you’ll never use
  14. Old containers that no longer have a lid or a lid that works
  15. Excess plastic shopping bags you’re keeping out of guilt
  16. Recipe books you NEVER look at 
  17. Old birthday candles that started to burn down
  18. Takeaway cutlery for that picnic you never remember to take it on
  19. Paper plates – see takeaway cutlery above!!
  20. Tableware you NEVER use. Start using it or get rid!
  21. Food supplements and vitamins that are out of date
  22. Placemats, napkins and table linen you NEVER use

5. Bedroom, linen cupboard, dressing room

  1. Worn out sheets
  2. Fitted sheets that have shrunk and no longer fit
  3. Old pillows that are lumpy or have no volume left 
  4. Discoloured old towels
  5. Single gloves
  6. Old hole filled socks 
  7. Tights you will never wear because they’re bobbly or have runs
  8. Clothes with holes
  9. Clothes that too small
  10. Stuff in your wardrobe that no longer suits you
  11. All the stuff you know will never fit you again
  12. Shoes that are beyond repair
  13. Clothing you were gifted that you don’t actually like
  14. Accessories that you NEVER wear – scarves, snoods… 
  15. Mistake purchases – admit the mistake then give it away
  16. Hangers – broken, old, ugly, excessive numbers… 
  17. All those buttons you’ve been storing in case a button falls off
  18. Damaged clothing that’s beyond repair
  19. Underwear that’s lost its elastic
  20. Bras that have wires sticking out
  21. Purses you never use, because you always use the same one
  22. Dressing gowns that hang on the back of the door 365 days per year


6. Living space

  1. Old magazines
  2. Newspaper older than one day
  3. Games missing pieces
  4. CDs – get into the 21st Century dude 😉 
  5. DVDs – see above!
  6. Electronic kit that just sits there are doesn’t get used
  7. Old vases you never fill with anything
  8. Fancy catalogues you never buy stuff from but look good
  9. Drink coasters you don’t ever use
  10. That stack of tea-lights you never light 

7. Kids stuff

  1. Old school books 
  2. Craft supplies that are old and unused
  3. Children’s artwork – come on, you can’t keep ALL OF IT!!
  4. Toys that no longer get played with 
  5. Clothes they’ve grown out of that hang around in their wardrobe anyway
  6. Party bag stuff that just hangs around
  7. Books they’ve grown out of reading or having read to them 

So there you have it. A big long list of 113 things to throw away today – or in stages over a few days or weeks. But it’s all stuff that doesn’t take much brain bandwidth. 

If this post has got you in the decluttering mood, you can find lots more decluttering tips, tricks and hacks in the Organise & Declutter section.

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