Welcome to Mums Make Lists.

Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh, publisher Mums Make Lists

I founded Mums Make Lists as a new mum in 2011, to share tried and tested tips and ideas cobbled together from my experiences and the network of women around me, both on and offline. 

While motherhood is central to every mother’s life there are so many other pieces that fit together like a jigsaw to create the whole picture. 

From running a household to budgeting and keeping everyone in the family well-fed. There’s juggling everyone’s calendars, booking family vacations and organising birthday parties and seasonal celebrations. 

For many of us, there’s a job or career in the mix. And at the end of that long list, there’s also taking care of ourselves. 

So, Mums Make Lists continues to evolve to encompass all of these aspects of women’s lives. I don’t pretend to have all the answers myself, so I continue to take inspiration, tips and advice from the many wonderful people around me. 

One thing I am known for amongst family and friends is my organisational skills. 

It’s my philosophy that being organised is the key to keeping all the wheels turning without any of them falling off. 

So if motherhood is the beating heart of Mums Make Lists, organisation is the backbone, the thing that holds it all together. 

I take great pleasure in sharing the systems and tools I have discovered or created and use to stay ahead of the game with daily family life. 

Thank you for reading, Luci


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