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Mums Make Lists is full of ideas and inspiration, to help you organise and simplify home and family life, so there’s more space and time for joyful living.

There are posts to help you organise and declutter your home, organise your family life, personal life and your household chores.

I’m big on green-living, zero waste and environmentally friendly solutions, so you’ll find this flowing through all the content. 

Here’s to making life just that little bit more joyful!


Who am I?

Luci Hindmarsh Mums Make Lists

I’m Luci.

A Londoner who decamped with my family  to a beautiful English country town in 2016

Something I never thought would happen.

But it did.

The move has given me the chance to look at life with a fresh perspective.

It’s amazing what seeing all your worldly possessions packed into removal vans can do for your attitude to all the stuff you accumulate.

So, the new house was a new start, a chance to get more organised, cull the stuff we didn’t need and choose more carefully any stuff we’ve bought since then.

The organisation mission has continued through all aspects of life, streamlining, simplifying and organising. It really does take a weight off!

get started

Here are some popular posts to get you started. I hope they really help you to start getting to grips with being more organised and having a less cluttered home.