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About Mums Make Lists – Life hacks for busy mothers

Busy mother?

Hello to all my fellow busy mothers. Mums Make Lists is created just for you….

Your life is busy. You’re juggling parenting and working, plus a household CEO role you’re not sure you ever wanted. Your brain bandwidth is maxed!

You don’t revel in being a domestic goddess. It’s stressing you out that managing family admin takes up SO much time and you find work time and family time keep merging…

…Ok. Stop. Take a breath…

I believe you can juggle working, family and running a household without feeling like your head is going to explode.
Imagine feeling calmly in control of life and having the energy and brain space to focus fully on being a mum, being super productive with your work and enjoying life.

Life hacks for busy mothers

Dive into Mums Make Lists and you’ll discover a list of life hacks for busy mothers. Simple tips to help take the stress out of managing the work, family life and running a household juggle.

A little about me….

Luci Hindmarsh, Editor Mums Make Lists, Life hacks for busy mothers

I’m Luci, a startup entrepreneur and mother from London. As of 2016, I’m living with my family in a beautiful English country town.

Almost eight years ago I went from working full-time in marketing to juggling parenting, working from home and managing our family household.

The juggle was sometimes overwhelming. I often wished for an extra hour in the day. Stress was my default mode. Which in turn made being a nurturing and attentive parent more difficult and made it harder to focus effectively on work.

One of the worst things I had to overcome was work time bleeding into parenting time and family time.

Simplicity rules!

So I started to look for simple ways I could organise my life. The quickest, most effective ways to deal with the eternal busy mother life juggle  so I didn’t spend every waking hour on my to-do list.

Through trial and error I’m getting closer to a life that runs smoothly. It’s not perfect, but then learning to accept less than perfection is a big part of saying goodbye to stress and saying hello to a life that flows.

On Mums Make Lists I share the best of the simple tips and useful organisational ideas that help life as a busy mother run more smoothly, so that you too can feel your shoulders drop down and your life to flow more smoothly.

Where to start

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