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Teens can be a tough crowd to entertain. So here is a list of 32 of the most fun party games for teens that they will actually love playing at birthday and other parties, and you won’t find them rolling their eyes at.


Let’s face it; the teen years can be as awkward for parents as they are for teens themselves, not least when the time comes for you to try and provide them with entertainment at a party.

It’s especially tough when your lowly party games are up against the non-stop dopamine hits of TikTok and endlessly messaging with friends – even when surrounded by friends in the actual same room.

But if you want to give your teenager a really memorable party, one where they and all their friends got to really kick back and have some pure, unadulterated fun, a few well-chosen fun group games for teens can go a long way to getting the party started.

Clearly, the teenage years span a good few years, and a newly minted 13-year-old is a very different creature from a 19-year-old.

So for the purposes of this post, I am focusing on games for those most awkward of teen years – 13 to sweet 16. I’ve put together a separate list of party games for older teens.

Pick and choose from this list to make sure you have the best party games for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthday and sleepover parties for teens.

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Planning a teen birthday party? Browse this list and choose three or four birthday party games for the guests to play. These are all group games that guarantee huge amounts of fun and laughter.


Wink Murder is an absolute classic party game that never gets old. It is a game of stealth and cunning that teenagers love playing. 

  • Number of players: 4+ 
  • What you need: Paper for tearing into chits and a pen
  • How To Play:
  • Create a set of paper chits so that everyone in the room can take one
  • Write ‘murderer’ on one chit
  • Fold the chits over and put them in a bowl
  • All players form a circle
  • Hand the bowl around for everyone to take a chit.
  • The game can begin once everyone has a chit and has a chance to see if they are the murderer.
  • All the players must make eye contact with one another whilst keeping an eye out to see who the murderer is
  • Meanwhile, the murderer must take the opportunity to wink at a fellow player without anyone else seeing
  • If a player is winked at by the murderer, they must feign death. They can do this as quietly or as dramatically as they wish
  • After a player has feigned death, the other players have the chance to accuse. Only one person can be accused each round. 
  • If the murderer is accused, the rest of the players win, but if the murderer stays undetected, they win!

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Junk in the Trunk is a game of movement and laughter that causes those who are really competitive to pull some serious moves! Perfect for flexible teens!!

  • Number of players: 6+
  • What you need: This game needs a little preparation ahead of the party. Attach an empty tissue box to a belt or rope to make it look like a waist bag/bumbag. You will need at least 8 ping pong balls, some good party music and the stopwatch on your mobile phone
  • How To Play:
  • Junk In The Trunk is a very active party game that involves a lot of dancing, shaking and moving around. 
  • The game is played one player at a time
  • Put the ping pong balls in the tissue box tied to the belt
  • Ask the player to tie the belt around their waist with the box at the back
  • The players get one minute to shake their bodies and get the balls out of the box
  • Any player who manages to get all the ping pong balls out of the box wins a prize 

Watch a game of Junk in the Trunk in action…

YouTube video

3. WHO AM I?

Who Am I? Is a bit of a classic party game. You can buy Who Am I? games, but I really like the version with a pack of sticky notes. 

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: 1 pack of sticky notes, a pen for every guest
  • How To Play:
  • Decide if the game will have a theme. For example, 90s music stars, TV show characters, movie stars
  • Give everyone a sticky note. Ask them to write the name of a well-known person on it and keep it secret
  • Ask everyone to attach the sticky note to the forehead of the person sitting to their right, making sure that this person doesn’t catch sight of the name on the sticky note
  • Going around the guests, everyone then takes a turn trying to work out who they are. The questions must have ‘yes/no’ answers, such as… ‘Am I male?’, ‘Am I alive’, ‘Am I British’ etc
  • A guest can keep going with questions until they hit a ‘no’ answer or until they guess incorrectly
    The winner is the first to guess correctly, but the game can continue until everyone has either guessed or given up

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This game has become a modern classic guessing game that is an extension of the Who Am I game. There is even a Heads Up app (iOS/Android) you can download

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: Download the Heads Up app (iOS/Android
  • How To Play:
  • Choose from one of the Heads Up categories
  • Heads Up will then generate a list of prompts relevant to that category
  • One person holds up the Heads Up screen with the prompt on it in front of their forehead
  • Everyone else has to describe what the prompt is
  • Once the person has guessed correctly, they must flip the screen to get the next prompt to appear
  • The winner is the person who guesses the most correct answers before their time runs out

Watch the cast of Cobra Kai playing Heads Up!

YouTube video


Fortune Teller is a light-hearted look into the future for all the party guests. 

  • Number of players: 6+
  • What you need: Paper/ sticky notes and pens and four bags 
  • How To Play:
  • There are four categories – Marry, number of children, place, and profession. 
  • Each party guest writes down a name, place, number and profession on one of four pieces of paper
  • Fold the paper up so the writing can’t be seen
  • Put the paper into one of four category bags 
  • Each player takes a turn to pick a piece of paper from each one of the bags
  • That player then reads out their four category results
  • The levels of laughter will depend on how random the sentences are based on how random the details are on each piece of paper

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This is a game to include if you really want to get the giggles going. The aim of the game is not to giggle – or show any signs of moving!

  • Number of players: 6+
  • What you need: Nothing needed 
  • How To Play:
  • A guest volunteers to be Sleeping Beauty
  • They lie down with their eyes closed and as still as possible
  • The rest of the guests must try to wake Sleeping Beauty by making them laugh without touching them



This is a hilarious party game for teens that works best with two teams. It’s a great antidote to the social media-induced need to always look perfect. 

  • Number of players: 8+
  • What you need: Lipstick, powder, nail polish, blusher, eye shadow… hair clips, hair brushes… basically anything that is hygienic to share (so avoid mascara and use lip brushes for gloss/lipstick). Two blindfolds. 
  • How To Play:
  • Divide the party guests into two teams
  • Choose a make-up artist who will be blindfolded
  • Choose a model who will have their make-up done 
  • The rest of the team ‘guides’ the blindfolded makeup artist to create a look for the model
  • Choose a winner based on either the best effort or the most hilarious effort!!

Watch the Haschak sisters play the blindfold makeup challenge

YouTube video


This is a fun way to ask teenagers some interesting questions.

  • Number of players: 3+
  • What you need: A set of funny, interesting and challenging questions appropriate for teens. You can buy a set of Would You Rather cards to make life easy. 
  • How To Play:
  • The party guests sit in a circle
  • The first guest starts the ball rolling by asking the first ‘Would you rather…’ question to the person sitting opposite them in the circle
  • Play continues until the teens have had enough!!

Pop over to my Would You Rather Questions for Teens to see a list of 200+ great questions and grab the free PDF printable version of the list.

Free printable Would You Rather Questions


This is a great group game for teens who know each other really well. The fun is in getting to shock everyone! 

  • Number of players: 3 – 6 (best kept to smaller groups)
  • What you need: A big bowl of sweets/candy 
  • How To Play:
  • The first guest starts things off by saying, ‘Never have I ever…’ followed by something they have never done. 
  • Give each kid some candy. Each teen takes a turn saying, “Never have I ever…” followed by something they’ve never done. For example… 
    • Never have I ever gone on a blind date
    • Never have I ever had a crush on a teacher
    • Never have I ever gone skinny dipping 
    • Never have I ever tried guessing someone’s phone password
  • If any of their friends have done that thing, they eat a sweet/piece of candy. 
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Brilliantly fun party games for teen birthday parties


This is a brilliant game for teens to play. It is both revelatory and also hilarity-inducing. The aim is for a player to get the other players to believe the lie. 

  • Number of players: 3 – 6 (best kept to smaller groups)
  • What you need: Nothing 
  • How To Play
  • Each guest takes their turn to tell the rest of the party guests two things that are true and one lie about things they have done or things that have happened to them. 
  • The rest of the guests must probe and ask questions to try and work out which is the lie

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Twister is such a classic party game, and it is perfect for teen parties when all the teens know each other pretty well. 

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: A game of Twister 
  • How To Play:
  • Each party guest spins the spinner to find out which colour circle they have to place a hand or foot on
  • Anyone who loses their balance is out of the game for that round


This is a modern classic party game that works well for kids of all ages. It involves eating donuts without the use of hands.

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: Enough donuts for everyone to have a turn, string and a clothesline. 
  • How To Play:
  • Tie a clothesline or long string across the room/outside
  • Tie a length of string around each donut and hang it on the line
  • Make sure to set the donuts so that everyone has plenty of room to stand under their donut
  • On the count of three, each party guest has to put their hands behind their back and start trying to eat their donut
  • The first one to finish wins
  • You don’t have to stick to just one round of this!!


This is a deliciously fun party game for teens with a sweet tooth!

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: A big bowl of Skittles, straws for every party guest, a cup for every party guest
  • How To Play:
  • Put the bowl of Skittles in the middle of a table and give each party guest a straw and a cup
  • Everyone must use their straw to suck up Skittles and then blow them into their cup
  • Either the first person to collect a Skittle of each colour is the winner. Or you can have each player have to focus on a specific colour. Or you can do this against a timer, and the winner has the most Skittles


This is where teens get messy in the name of sugar! 

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: Paper plates, gummy bears, squirty whipped cream, cups
  • How To Play:
  • Give each party guest a plate that has ten gummy bears hidden inside the squirty whipped cream
  • The party guests must place their hands behind their backs
  • Then use their teeth to find the gummy bears
  • Each gummy bear they find must be dropped into the cup
  • The winner is the first to find all ten gummy bears
  • There is a variation on this game where you place a single piece of bubble gum under the cream, and the first person to find the gum and blow a bubble is the winner.


This game is another absolute classic that works really well for teen birthday parties that involves getting a cookie from the forehead to the mouth. 

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: A packet of cookies/biscuits
  • How To Play:
  • Everyone is given a cookie to place on their forehead
  • Each person uses their facial muscles to try and move the cookie to their mouth
  • The first person to successfully eat the cookie wins

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This is a variation on Cookie Face that involves even more skill. 

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: A packet of cookies
  • How To Play:
  • Each party guest takes a turn to bend backwards and start stacking cookies on their forehead
  • The winner is the guest who successfully manages to stack the most cookies


This is another messy and really rather silly party game for teens that will have them causing mayhem. 

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: Cheese balls or cheese puffs. Squirty whipped cream or shaving cream 
  • How To Play:
  • Squirt the cream or shaving cream on the first party guest’s face
  • Everyone else throws cheese balls/puffs at them. 
  • The party guest who manages to have the most cheeseballs stuck to their face wins!


The aim of the game is to see how many marshmallows the party guests can fit in their mouths while still being able to say the words ‘chubby bunny’.

  • Number of players: 4 – 8
  • What you need: Marshmallows 
  • How To Play
  • Put a big bowl of marshmallows in the middle of a table
  • Each person, in turn takes a marshmallow, places it in their mouth and says, ‘chubby bunny’
  • They must keep the marshmallow in their mouth until their next turn
  • Everyone keeps going until there is just one person left still able to say ‘chubby bunny’ with a mouthful of marshmallows 

Watch Rosanna Pansino play Chubby Bunny…

YouTube video


This is a game of teamwork and skill that is a great ice-breaker for a teen party. You can play it in teams for bigger gatherings. 

  • Number of players: 8+
  • What you need: Object/s to pass around. E.g. a balloon, water-filled balloon, ball, watermelon
  • How To Play:
  • The party guests stand in a circle
  • The first guest is given an object to hold between their knees
  • The object must be passed around the circle using only knees or elbows.
  • Make this into a competition by dividing the party guests into teams for larger gatherings

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You don’t have to use peanuts. Have your gang stand or sit in a circle or in two lines. Each person should hold a plastic spoon in their mouth. The person at the start of the line should have a peanut, cotton ball, M&M, or something light on their spoons. Without using their hands, have them pass the item around.

  • Number of players: 8+
  • What you need: A bag of peanuts (check for nut allergies) or a bag of M&Ms or Skittles. Enough spoons for every party guest 
  • How To Play:
  • Give every guest a spoon to hold in their mouth
  • Give the peanut/candy to the first guest
  • That guest attempts to pass the peanut/candy to the next party guest from spoon to spoon without the use of hands
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Brilliantly fun games for teen parties


This game is a fusion between Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare and is best for groups of teens who know each other pretty well. It can be pretty hilarious based on the dares and the willingness of the party guests to entertain each other. 

  • Number of players: 6+
  • What you need: A bottle. Paper and pen. A bowl. 
  • How To Play:
  • You can either write the dares yourself or ask the teens to write out a bunch of dares
  • Place the dares in the bowl in the middle of the party guests
  • Each party guest takes a turn spinning the bottle and the guest who the bottle points to must take a dare and then act on it.

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Escape room games are huge at the moment and with good reason; they are really engaging and super fun, perfect for teens. What is particularly great about escape room games is that they can take up the duration of a party. 

  • Number of players: 6+
  • What you need: An escape room kit. Etsy has a whole bunch of escape room kits. Or, if you have the brain bandwidth come up with a set of clues and rules yourself.
  • How To Play:
  • Set up the escape room according to the kit 
  • Set the party guests off trying to work out the escape room!


This is a great game for parties with lots of guests. It can get very hectic and competitive but is also lots of fun. 

  • Number of players: 8+
  • What you need: Balloons and string 
  • How To Play:
  • Blow up the balloons and attach string to them
  • Each party guest ties a few balloons to their legs (make sure the string isn’t too short, you don’t want broken ankles!)
  • All the party guests have to try and stomp on the other guests’ balloons
  • The winner is the last guest with blown-up balloons surviving


This is a great game for teens with dreams of becoming popstars!

  • This doesn’t really need a lot of explanation!
  • Set the teens up with the karaoke machine or app and set them free to sing their hearts out
  • You could make this into a competition complete with votes, but that might be a step too far


This game can be as tame or as gross as you want to make it. Who dares wins!!

  • Number of players: 8+
  • What you need: A big box with a hole cut out of it. A selection of items to hide in the box
  • How To Play:
  • Put an item in the box without the party guests seeing 
  • Each party guest takes a turn to try and work out what they are feeling when they put their hand in the box

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Why are TP games always so much fun? Is it toilet humour at work?! Whatever, TP Mummy is a super fun game for teens to play. Clearly, it’s a great game for teen Halloween parties!

  • Number of players: 6+
  • What you need: A stack of toilet rolls
  • How To Play:
  • Divide the party guests up into teams
  • Each team is given a bunch of toilet rolls
  • One player from each team must volunteer to be TPd
  • The winning team is the one with the most covered mummy by the end of a set amount of time


This is a super simple yet super entertaining game for teens. It is best played with a gathering of at least ten. 

  • Number of players: 10+
  • What you need: Nothing 
  • How To Play:
  • The party guests stand in a circle with their arms around the person next to them
  • Everyone puts their heads down
  • On the count of three, the party guests look up at another player.
  • If two guests look at each other, they scream and fall down.
  • The game continues until there are only two people left 


This is like the classic game of telephone brought into the 21st century. You could play this game with WhatsApp or Snapchat, but it’s best to use text if you want all teens to be able to join in. 

  • Number of players: 8+ (the more people, the funnier this game gets, but too many and it’s dull for those waiting for the end)
  • What you need: A mobile/cell phone for each party guest. A timer. 
  • How To Play:
  • The party guests sit in a circle
  • The first guest writes a two or three-sentence message.
  • The guest shows the message to the person next to them
  • This second guest then has 15 seconds to read and memorise the message
  • The second guest then writes out the message and shows it to the next guest
  • The game goes on until everyone has taken a turn
  • The last person to receive the message must read out their version of it. Usually, hilarity ensues.
  • You can do an analogue version of this game if you are particularly keen to keep the party screen-free.
The best fun party games for teenagers


This Or That is a quick-fire version of Would You Rather. It’s a great game for getting everyone energised at the start of a party.

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: You can either have pre-made This Or That questions, or you can get all the players to make up their own This Or That questions every time they take a turn.
  • How to play:
  1. Start by choosing a category, such as food, movies, celebrities, hobbies, future ambitions…
  2. The first player asks a This Or That question within the category. For example, if the category is food, questions to ask could include, ‘Pizza or burger?’, ‘tofu or beef?’, ‘peas or cheese?’.
  3. Each player chooses their answer and shares it with the group.
  4. The player who asks the question counts the number of votes for each option to see which one is most popular.
  5. The players can then go on to discuss and banter around the options and share any anecdotes or thoughts on why one is better than the other.
  6. Rinse and repeat until everyone has had a turn asking a question or everyone has had enough!


Scavenger Hunts are really popular with teens, and the great thing is they can be adapted to be as easy or as hard as you want. You can also theme them or make a Christmas or Halloween version. You can either just list a bunch of items to be scavenged or write clues – which can be as straightforward or cryptic as you see fit.

  • Number of players: 4+
  • What you need: A list of items to be found and clues for how to find them (either provide the items or use items already in existence in the place to be scavenged), a prize. 
  • How to play:
  1. Write out a list of items and clues and print a sheet for every team. 
  2. Hide the items that are to be hunted. Do keep track of where you hide them! 
  3. Divide the players into teams of at least two players. 
  4. Give each team a copy of the scavenger hunt list, clues, and a collection bag. 
  5. Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt. Depending on the number of items and the size of the playing area, the time limit can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
  6. Once the time limit is up, the teams return so you can add up the scores. 
  7. Award points for each item found.
  8. The team with the most points wins.


Pictionary is a classic drawing game that was first launched in the mid-1980s and has stood the test of time as a brilliant group party game. It’s easy to learn and can be played with any number of players.

  • Number of players: 4 or more
  • What you need: A game of Pictionary or paper, pencils, a whiteboard and a list of words or phrases on cards, and a timer. 
  • How to play:
  1. Divide the players into two teams or more. 
  2. Turn the playing cards with words and phrases on the face side down. 
  3. The first player from the first team has to choose a card and then has one minute to draw a picture of a word or phrase on the card. 
  4. The player’s team has to try and guess the word or phrase whilst the player is drawing. 
  5. If the team guesses correctly, they get a point, and the next player on one of the opposing teams takes a turn drawing.
  6. If the team doesn’t guess correctly, the other team/s gets a chance to guess the word or phrase.
  7. Continue playing until one team reaches a predetermined number of points.

You can either buy the classic game of Pictionary or go for Pictionary Air

Pictionary Drawing Game

This is the classic version of the drawing game, complete with clues of varying levels, timer and erasable boards.

Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
02/18/2024 11:53 am GMT


Ok, so Minute To Win It isn’t a single game. The games are inspired by the US TV series, Minute To Win It, which ran from 2010 – 2011. Minute To Win It games are perfect party games with players competing against each other individually or in teams.

As you might guess, Minute To Win It games are all designed to be completed within one minute. The games usually make use of household items or stuff you can easily get together. They are fast-paced and usually require a degree of skill and strategy – though can be equally fun when neither is in play!

You could easily base all your teen’s party entertainment around a series of Minute To Win It games.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a roundup of the most fun Minute To Win It games for teens.



Players must stack paper cups in a pyramid and then unstack them in reverse order within one minute. Make the challenge more difficult: Players can only use one hand. 


Players must stack six dice on a popsicle stick held in their mouth as fast as they can within a minute. The winner is the one who manages to stack all six dice in the fastest time.


Players start with a stack of paper cups, with the bottom cup a different colour to the rest. The players must race to restack the cups until the different coloured cup reaches the top, at which point they must turn the whole stack upside down on the table to win.


Players must blow up a balloon and use the air to knock over as many paper cups as they can within one minute.


If you want to host a more low-key party, how about buying a couple of board games instead of playing party games?

I’ve curated a list of the best board games for teens, including several that are perfect for playing with a group of guests at parties.


board games for teens, board games for teenagers, best board games for teens, best board games for teenagers, best games for family with teens, best board games for family game nights, game night board games


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting together a list of party games for teens.

  1. Involve your teen in the party planning and let them decide from a short list of games – or come up with their own. Ultimately you want them to be comfortable with the games, and they will be a good gauge of how the games will go down with their teen friends
  2. Get all the props, prizes and game instructions ready to turn over to your teen and their friends so that they have everything they need to get playing and having fun
  3. Once you’ve set everything up, step back and let the kids get on with it. No teen wants someone’s parent hovering over them when they’re trying to have fun.
  4. Party games for 16-year-olds will be different from those that younger teens like, so always choose age-appropriate games.


Fun party games for teens, fun birthday party games for teens, fun group games for teens, birthday party games for teens, games to play at teenage birthday party, games for teenagers, Christmas party games for teens, Halloween party games for teens, sleepover ideas for teens, sleepover games for teens, sleepover activities for teens, birthday party games for teens, teen birthday party games
28 Fun party games for teens that they will actually love!
Fun party games for teens, fun birthday party games for teens, fun group games for teens, birthday party games for teens, games to play at teenage birthday party, games for teenagers, Christmas party games for teens, Halloween party games for teens, sleepover ideas for teens, sleepover games for teens, sleepover activities for teens, birthday party games for teens, teen birthday party games
The best party games for teens


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This entire list is GOLD! Thank you so much for putting it together. I cant wait to play them ALL with my girls!

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