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Teens can be a tough crowd to entertain. But with a little know-how and creativity, you can create an amazing birthday party experience that your teen and their friends will absolutely love.

As the parent of a newly minted teen, I’ve spent time researching and compiling a list of the best birthday party themes for teens that will pretty much guarantee you can host an epic party.

So sit back, take a load off and browse this list of birthday themes for teens and feel confident that you can make a party that will give your teen an unforgettable celebration.

I’ve included party theme ideas that work for boys, girls and gender-neutral ideas. There are ideas perfect for teens of all ages, from kids turning 13 up to teens turning 16 and 18.

There are party themes across a range of budgets, too. From simple parties, you can host at home to more extravagant or fancy party ideas.

teen party themes, birthday themes teens, birthday themes teenagers, birthday themes for teens, party ideas for teens


Say goodbye to boring parties: These epic teenage party themes will blow their minds! Browse through this A-Z list of birthday themes teens will absolutely love.

  1. Aquasplash: Book an Aquasplash giant inflatables session at a swimming pool or lake.
  2. Amusement park: Take a small group and book fast-track passes as a treat.
  3. Backyard BBQ: Keep it simple but with grown-up vibes, like alcohol-free mocktails, a cool playlist and stylish outdoor decor
  4. Beach party: Recreate a beach theme in the garden, complete with sand, beach balls, and tropical drinks. Or actually, take the party to the beach
  5. Bowling party: It’s a classic! Book a VIP experience at your local bowling alley, or go to a fancy bowling alley, like All Star Lanes, to make it extra-special
  6. Camping party: Either take them camping or set up a campsite in your garden, complete with tents, campfires, and s’mores.
  7. Carnival party: Go with a carnival theme, complete with games, prizes, and carnival food.
  8. Circus skills party: Invite guests to turn up in costume and hire a circus skills entertainer to teach them juggling acrobatics and tightrope walking.
  9. Costume party: There are so many themes to choose from. Go for their favourite TV show – Stranger Things is great to recreate – or film or invite guests to come dressed as their favourite pop star. 
  10. DIY craft party: This is good for younger teens. Buy craft kits so guests can create their own crafts and keepsakes.
  11. Driving Experience: This is great for a small group of friends. Give them an early taste of driving a car by booking a driving lesson experience. Track Days have some good options.
  12. Escape room party: You can either create an escape room experience at home or book one at a local venue. 
  13. Fragrance party: The birthday teen and friends can design their own fragrance with a kit (like this one from Notonthehighstreet.com) or book a fragrance-making experience day. Virgin Experiences has several options.
  14. Game night party: Set the party up with some brilliant board games (I’ve got a list of board games teens love) and a snack board, and let them party away. Check my guide to putting together a snack charcuterie board for ideas).
  15. Glow-in-the-dark party: A party in the dark with neon decorations, glow sticks, and black lights. Guests wear neon colours and enjoy glow-in-the-dark decorations and activities. Use my neon party guide for ideas.
  16. Hollywood party: Create a Hollywood theme, red carpet, paparazzi, and movie-themed decorations.
  17. Ironic superhero party: Invite guests to dress up as their favourite superheroes and participate in fun superhero-themed activities.
  18. Karaoke party: Set up a karaoke machine at home or book a karaoke room so guests can show off their singing skills (or not!). Lucky Voice is well-established in London and has a very popular Karaoke kit you can buy.
  19. Laser tag party: This is great to get the adrenaline flowing for a competitive group of teens. Laser Quest has locations around the UK.
  20. Limousine party: Go fancy and hire a party limo for the evening. Great for sweet 16 parties!
  21. Minute To Win It party: Set up a bunch of Minute To Win It challenges and get guests to compete against each other.
  22. Movie marathon party: Line up a playlist of movies – go with a theme, like classic 90s movies or a series of movies. Load up a snack board and let them watch away. Check my Charcuterie snack board post for inspiration.
  23. Murder mystery party: Buy a murder mystery kit, invite guests to dress up and solve a fictional murder case while enjoying a fancy dinner.
  24. Music festival party: This can be as big or small as you want to make it. Choose a music festival theme – Coachella, Glastonbury -put together some playlists, hire a DJ or invite guests to bring music to play, and provide some festival-like food (and some mud!). 
  25. Music video party: Book a make-your-own music video experience. Guests will end up with a priceless memento of the party!
  26. Nerf gun party: Set up a Nerf gun battleground and let them party. Stock up on Nerf supplies.
  27. Outdoor adventure party: Set up a hike, explore nature, or participate in other outdoor activities.
  28. Pool party: A party with a pool theme, complete with pool games and snacks.
  29. Private chef party: This is a lovely idea for an intimate 18th birthday celebration. Guests enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by a personal chef.
  30. Private cinema party: Book a screen at your local cinema, play your teen’s favourite movie or a new blockbuster and let them enjoy having the cinema to themselves. You can use Book The Cinema to handle the booking for you. They book screens around the UK.
  31. Retro party: Go with a retro theme, complete with vintage decorations, music, and games. Guests dress in vintage clothes and enjoy music and activities from a bygone era.
  32. Scavenger hunt party: Create your own scavenger hunt, and go as crazy with things they need to hunt as you like.
  33. Silent disco party: Invite guests to bring wireless headphones and dance to music that only they can hear. It is hilarious to watch!
  34. Skydiving party: This is great for small parties (and daredevils!) A party where guests go skydiving and enjoy the thrill of freefall. (Age 16+) Into The Blue offer skydiving experiences.
  35. Sleepover party: A classic party where guests can enjoy snacks, movies, and sleepover games like truth or dare. It’s simple but hugely popular with all the teens I know. Here is my guide to hosting a brilliant sleepover for teens. It’s full of ideas and inspiration for making a sleepover party really special.
  36. Spa/pamper party: A party where guests can relax and enjoy spa treatments like facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. Use my guide to create a fabulous pamper party for ideas.
  37. Sports party: Set up a big rounders game or football game and then provide party snacks afterwards. 
  38. Talent show party: A party where guests can showcase their talents, like singing, dancing, or comedy.
  39. Tea party: A party with a tea theme, complete with fancy teacups, tea sandwiches, and desserts. Use my guide to creating a beautiful tea party for inspiration, and I also have a list of tea party menu ideas.
  40. Theatre trip: Take a group of guests to the theatre for an evening of drama or to see a musical. Use TicketMaster to book tickets.
  41. Video game party: Invite guests to come and play their favourite video games and compete against each other whilst being in the same room!!
  42. Virtual reality party: Book a VR entertainment company to create a VR party at home or book a venue where guests can experience virtual reality games and simulations
  43. Zombie apocalypse party: A party where guests dress up as zombies and participate in zombie-themed activities.
teen party themes, birthday themes teens, birthday themes teenagers, birthday themes for teens, party ideas for teens


Here is a quick glance list of the themes:

  1. Aquasplash
  2. Amusement park
  3. Backyard BBQ
  4. Beach party
  5. Bowling party
  6. Camping party
  7. Carnival party
  8. Circus skills party
  9. Costume party
  10. DIY craft party
  11. Driving Experience
  12. Escape room party
  13. Fragrance making party
  14. Game night party
  15. Glow-in-the-dark party
  16. Hollywood party
  17. Ironic superhero party
  18. Karaoke party
  19. Laser tag party
  20. Limousine party
  21. Minute to win it a party
  22. Movie marathon party
  23. Murder mystery party
  24. Music festival party
  25. Music video party
  26. Nerf gun party
  27. Outdoor adventure party
  28. Pool party
  29. Private chef party
  30. Private cinema party
  31. Retro party
  32. Scavenger hunt party
  33. Silent disco party
  34. Skydiving party
  35. Sleepover party
  36. Spa/pamper party
  37. Sports party
  38. Talent show party
  39. Tea party
  40. Theatre trip
  41. Video game party
  42. Virtual reality party
  43. Zombie apocalypse party

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